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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trying the "Be Flowerful" Nail Polish from Essence

My new summer nail colours

I don`t know what about you,but I love to try different nail colours.Usually I`m always displaying another color on my nails.I especially love all pastel and loud shades and when spring arrives I feel the urge to put them on all.

So it`s no surprise that I couldn`t restrain myself,when I saw the new "Floral Grunge" collection from essence (already talked about it here) online.
I got myself 3 shades from this collection,which you can see above.Not only do I absolutely love the colours,but they also have the cutest names ever.
As I am going to talk about every single one separately,I`m going to tell you the names of the other two in following posts.

Coral pink nails

The first one I decided to try was the coral pink one,also called "01 be flowerful".What I most love about this color is that it brings summer right on your nails and makes you want to hold a cool mojito in your hands.In one sentence,this nail color is just perfect for hot summer days.This nail color is not only great for your fingers,but also for your toenails.

The design of the nail polish,well of all of them,reminds me quiet a bit of those ones from Catrice,but I like it anyway.As well as the brush.I like wide brushes,as I can bring on the nail polish much more easier with them.I did my usual two layers and the opacity and the color shade were just perfect.
Depending on the light it almost looks a bit like a neon color,although it`s not.Anyway I love this changing look.Summarizing,there is really nothing bad to say about this nail polish!
The prize,the colour and the brush,as well as the texture of the nail polish are just perfect!

I leave you with only following words: Get this nail polish ASAP!


PS:Stay tuned for the other two reviews to come!

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