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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review of my March reading list

Opinion on my March lecture

It`s book time lovely readers!

We are almost in the middle of April and there is missing something on my blog,as some of you may have noticed already.
For those of you,who didn`t,I haven`t yet given my review on the book I was reading for this March!

I finally made it and finished my review on "The Sex on the Beach Book Club" and I hope you like it and maybe even read the book too.If you do so,or if you already have read the book,I would love to know your thoughts on it.Feel free to leave comments and for a quick introduction visit here.

"The Sex on the Beach Book Club" was written by Jennifer Apodaca.It`s the first time,I read a book of her.
The book plays in a little Californian town right next to the Sea.It`s mainly about Holly,a private investigator and ex-cop,who get`s involved in a murder case.While investigating a case of a cheating housewife,Holly ends up in Wes Brockman`s book shop,where they hold a book club.Holly gets to know Wes and there`s a lot of sexual tension between them right away.Then a murder happens in Wes book store,which makes him the main suspicious.Wes hires Holly as his private investigator.
The case gets more complicated and entangled as the story moves forward,and even more dangerous.At the same time Holly struggles with her relationship to Wes,which is becoming too intense and close on her opinion.

The storyline in respect to the crime part of the story,really was thrilling and made me want to know,who the murderer was.Despite of the complexity of the case development and the build up tension,the reveal of the murder and the story behind it,wasn`t the most deepest and interesting one.It was ok,but not astonishing!
Anyway the whole crime and investigations were still quiet exciting and make the book worth reading.

Holly and Wes story comes with a lot of sexual tension,as already said,which leads to a lot of intercourse moments.The author tends to describe those moments very detailed and in a very rural way.Don`t get me wrong,I`m not a prude,but the way it`s done in this book is just a little bit of a cheap one.
As for the main characters,I really liked Wes.He saw right through Holly and her nature of biting around her and denying things.
Holly on the other hand wasn`t my type of character at all.I`m not a huge fan of those woman protagonists,who are denying their feelings and are trying to be strong,to then be weak anyways.What I mean is,that Holly is pretending to be strong and cool,and then anyway gives in to Wes all the time.She is just lying to herself,because everybody else looked right through her,right away.So most of the time,she annoyed me!

In summary "The Sex on the Beach Book Club" is a funny,entertaining book,which is worth reading,although I have read much better books!
I would give this book 5 out of 10 stars!

If you like books or just liked this review,stay tuned for my April reading list and book review.


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