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Monday, April 8, 2013

No Last Week in Pictures This Week...

catch up on my 2013 resolution

You may have guessed it already by the title of this blog post,this week I have no "Last week in pictures" feature for you,which is not only due to the fact,that I had nothing interesting going on last week,but mainly because I totally missed out on my 10 photos a day resolution.

Those readers,who are following me along for a while,know,that the "Last week in pictures" feature was a result of a resolution I made for this year,a resolution to take 10 random pictures every day (you can read more about my 2013 resolutions here).

And as I didn`t pull through my resolution this week,I though on giving you a little catch up,on how me and my new challenge have been doing so far.

As I already mentioned to you before,my resolution consisted in taking 10 photos every day.Very soon I figured out,that this wouldn`t work for me and my lifestyle.I work practically half of the week and get out,when it`s already dark.Well at least when we have winter time here,which was the case the last months.There`s no way to take good photos without daylight.
In addition to that,I`m no morning person at all.I hardly manage to get up early for work,so taking photographs early in the morning is no solution either!

Besides that,I also tend to forget to take pictures of events and get-togethers I attend,which always bugs me afterwards.I just simply forget to take pictures,when I`m surrounded by other people.I`m working on this one,but I would love to hear some tips from you. 

What I did instead of the regular Last Week in Pictures post

So after the first two weeks doing this,I ended up with the habit to take all the pictures on my days off,when I had a lot of time and most important plenty of light.Sadly this reduces the spontaneity of my photos,on my opinion.I think it makes them look more posed than natural,which of course still works for the "Last week in pictures" feature,but isn`t exactly what I`m going and was looking for.

In summary,till now,I`m keeping up pretty good with my resolution and I`m happy,that I didn`t give up on it yet.Of course unmotivated moments will come and go,like the one last week,but the main goal is to keep up photographing.
On top of that,now that summer time has arrived,I want to try,to take more spontaneous instant photos,rather than making pictures of rebuilt moments!

And how are you keeping up your 2013 resolutions??



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  1. I love this idea for a resolution, it is like documenting your life! I am also enjoying the orange trousers with the turquoise shoes! It is a lovely contrast!



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