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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My April Lecture

What I am reading this April

Hello my dear readers!
It`s this time of the month again,where I`m going to present you quickly,which book I am reading for my "one book a month challenge".

The lecture I chose is from Louise Bagshawe,an English author.I`ve never read anything from her,so I`m pretty eager to find out,if I like her style of writing or not...I still can`t say,as I haven`t read a lot yet.

In English the book is simply called "Glamour",which kind of is already a huge hint what it is about.
Glamour is the name of a store or company,still haven`t found out that clearly,owned by three women.Three of the most powerful and famous women of the world.Those women once were best friends.Now they are worst enemies.
The storyline starts with the three meeting up for a trial concerning their business.But before the reader gets to know more,the writer sends you to the very beginning of their story.
That`s about what I can tell you about my April lecture so far,without saying too much.

For those of you who chose their reading by genres,this book definitely falls into the category of women books,romance and drama.
If you`re keeping up with my "one book a month challenge",you may have noticed,that this is kind of my favourite book genre.

What are you reading this month?And what books do you like?
I could definitely use some new ideas!


PS: Stay tuned for the review on this book,coming up beginning of May!
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