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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lovely Sunday #9

My weekly online discoveries

While tipping this post,I`m frantically trying to keep my eyes open.Sunny days always make me sleepy,but they are so worth it.Especially today,as the thermometer reached 20°Celsius for the first time this year and there was no cloud visible in the sky.
It felt like waking up after a long winter sleep,well six months are quiet a long time if you ask me,particularly when we`re talking about cold and winter.
Only understandable,that everybody here needed to get out today to let the sun warm their bodies and soul.
I love how the sunbeams make prickle my skin!It was just amazing and totally worth the tiredness I`m feeling right now!
Hopefully the sun will stay and never go away,well at least till fall arrives again!

And before I`m literally falling asleep,here some funny,inspiring and lovely things I spotted in the world wide web this week. 

What made me smile this week (besides today`s weather):
  1. Birthday Cake Martinis,seen here.Duh!Who doesn`t want a drink that tastes like a Birthday cake?!
  2. Seeing LoveT wearing her wellies in the bathtub.Looks like a lot of fun.Definitely going to do this,as soon as I have purchased a pair of wellies.
  3. Looking at all those colorful vintage fridges and stoves.I wish I could have one of these cuties.
What blogger outfit`s I liked the most this week:
  1. Eliza wearing the preppy look.I`m a sucker for this sort of Blair Waldorf inspired styles!
  2. Adora Mehitabel`s tapestry dress.I love how she combined different brown shades with a cute pattern dress and strawberry red.
  3. Diana playing with different green shades.The pop up green colours just work perfectly with the simplicity of the outfit.
Quote of the week from Helen Keller

What inspired me this week:
  1. Marilyn`s new decorated office,isn`t just adorable,but also gave me some brand new inspirations for my own four walls.
  2. Lace denim cut-offs DIY,found here.Which girl doesn`t love the romantic touch that a little detail of lace can give your look.
  3. While browsing my bookmarks,I found this and got totally inspired by Elsie`s vase and glasses.Thinking about decorating more pieces in my home in the color gold!
What made me happy this week:
  1. Hosting my first giveaway on my blog,which actually still is open.You can win a free photo and scrapbooking software!
  2. "The Floral Grunge Nail Polish Collection" from essence.Those colours are just perfect for spring and I definitely need to buy some of them.
  3. Window shopping for cute spring dresses,like this,that and this adorable little pieces.
And what did you find,while browsing the web?I would love to know!
Wish you all a nice Sunday and hope you enjoy your`s as much as I did mine!


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