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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lovely Sunday #8

My Lovely Sunday post number 8

Hello lovelies,are you enjoying your Sunday?
I truly hope you have some time to put your feet up and to do all the things you love.I personally love Sundays,they are just meant to sleep in,drink coffee in your bed and eat the most sumptuous breakfast of the week.Of course I`m talking about late breakfast!

Before loosing track,talking about what Sundays mean to me,here are some lovely things to sweeten up your Sunday!

What made me happy the last week:
  1. Raspberry & Coconut Tarts recipe,everybody knows sweets are a treat for your soul and make you happy.
  2. Candles in vintage tea cups,like those from Martha Stewart.They are just the cutest thing!
  3. Reading about this Easter Egg Decoration party!Now I want to make one too,hopefully next year!
What I newly discovered this week:
  1. Salsa can be made with fruits!Never occurred to me,until I spotted this recipe from a Beautiful Mess
  2.  This blog called have the most amazing nature pictures and it`s so exciting to read about Chelsea`s & Jeremy`s abroad experiences!
  3. That there is an art project with old people wearing nature
What inspired me last week:
  1. Emma and Elsie from a Beautiful Mess!Well they actually are one of my biggest blogger idols and their business,as well as their lives are just one huge inspiration to me,not only this and last week,but every single day in my life!
  2. Summer Allen and her blog design is mine.She is such a great inspiration for my Lovely Sunday post and for this I wanted to honor her this week!A lot of blogs,links and ideas I actually found on her blog!So visit her and I assure you,you will always find something inspirational!
  3. Harley over from the Harley&Jane Blog writing about her struggles always wanting to be better and even more perfect.I saw me in her,while reading her blog post and it was pretty calming to learn,that there are other people in the world,struggling with the same kind of nagging personality traits,that I do. 
My quote oft the week

What made me smile last week:
  1. This quote from Brewed Together!
  2. Rainbow colored pancakes,the best way to start your Sunday with a smile!
  3. Savannah talking about her family,this is so cute!
What blogger outfits I loved the most last week:
  1. Fancy Fine`s outfit,inspired by a fruit salad!She just got me with all the different yellow nuances,she`s wearing.I don`t know what it is with yellow,but I grow to love it more and more every year!
  2. Fashion Snag showing off the beauty of the color blue!I mainly love this outfit for it`s color,as you may have guessed already!Recently I really started to fall in love with bright blue again.
  3. Emma wearing this cute,but still feminine look.Should take Emma at her word and wear more heels,as long as I still can.
What was helpful to me this week:
  1. The Dainty Squid`s nail tutorials,like this one.
  2. This wahsi tape DIY.It has taught me,that also smaller and simple DIY projects can turn out to be amazing!
  3. Braid tutorials,like this one.I`m really bad in braiding my hair,but I absolutely want to learn it,so practicing with tutorials is the best way!
Hopefully I have inspired you a bit with this post,or at least gave you a little bit of distraction from a boring,grey day.
Wish you all a nice Sunday and read you soon! 


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