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Monday, April 22, 2013

Lovely Sunday #10

Lovely Sunday #10

Can you believe it`s Sunday again?
Here Sunday is even almost over and definitely will be after I`m done writing this post.
And you know what Sundays are for right??Yes,they are meant to get inspired and honored by all the beautiful things in life.

So I`m getting to the point right away,sharing all the beauties and treats,I found this week.

What I newly discovered this week:
  • That you can buy an ice cream with sugared almonds and Swiss gingerbread (a sweet similar to gingerbread) flavor.The ice cream is called "Swiss Chilbi" and it`s packing is just the cutest.
  • This blogger contest,about how to save a few pounds.All you need to do is post 30 saving tips on your blog.Really thinking about doing this here on my blog.
What inspired me this week:
  • New hair tutorials,like this one from Katie.I use scarfs to wrap around my hair frequently,but I never thought of incorporating them into braids. 
  • I didn`t know what treasures you could make with parachute rope,until I found this necklace DIY
  • I just love browsing the web for new interior inspirations.If you do too,then check it out.
What made me happy this week:

inspiring art quote

What impressed me this week:
What made me smile this week:
What blogger outfits I liked the most this week:
  • Why not look stylish for work?Fran shows us how,with her classic and slightly preppy outfit.
  • By now most of you may know,that I`m a sucker for romantic-preppy-vintage looking outfits.Like those from Gossip Girl.Clearly I had to fall in love with Sabrina`s outfit.I like how she mixes the simplicity of a dress with some pop up color accessories.
  • Aren`t sailor looks cute?I adore them,especially when they are so sweet looking like Adora Mehitabel`s outfit.

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