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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love at First Sight

My dream dress
picture from
Do you know those moments,when you see a dress or a pair of shoes and it`s just instant love?And you know you just have to get this piece or you won`t sleep peacefully anymore,having it wandering through your thoughts all the time?

I had such a moment last Saturday,when I spotted this breathtaking dress at H&M!
I instantly ran into the store and grabbed the last dress left,before anybody else could take it.I probably may have scared a baby mother who wanted to look at the dress too.
Anyway if you find your dream dress you go for it,right?!
I headed to the fitting room and couldn`t believe how lucky I was,as the dress wasn`t only my size it also fitted perfectly!

A dress I instantly fell in love with and my dream wedding dress
pictures from
Believe me,when I was walking to the cashpoint I had the biggest smile on my face!
But then reality hit me bad,when I found out,by looking at the price label,that the dress didn`t cost 49.90.- CHF,but 499.- CHF.
That was the end of the relationship with this H&M dress from the "Conscious Exclusive Collection"!
I layed it back on it`s place,left the store and later spent hours on ebay looking for the same dress for a less expensive price.
And till know I`m still searching...

So dear Santa Claus,Easter bunny or whosoever is kind enough,please please I would really appreciate to have one of those dresses!

Did something similar happen to anybody of you too??


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