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Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Week in Pictures #9

Last week was sunny

Another week has passed by and I feel like spring finally arrived to stay.It`s incredible what an effect a little bit of sun has on me and probably all of us.
I`m even smiling all by myself,while writing about my last week...
Does warm weather have a similar impact on you??

What went down in my life the last week:

Meeting up with my besties to have coffee at Starbucks.I just love their coffee.We had an awesome time.Later that day,me and one of my best friends went gift shopping.
There is a Birthday coming up soon!
And you all know how gift shopping turns out,you always find some cute things for yourself too... :)


 ....and working...
I really don`t do a lot after days like that.

Besides having a lovely lunchtime with a friend,nothing interesting happened.Just a regular work day.

Too tired to do anything at all after a long work day.Only spend a few hours reading my April lecture (more about this soon),before my eyes fell down.
Oh,almost forgot,had a delicious kebab for lunch.

Yummy kebab plate

By now you all know,that I love thrift shopping.
What I even love more is doing it with somebody else.So of course I wouldn`t hesitate to accept my mom`s offer to check out a vintage store she had spotted.
I found some lovely things,but the best part of it,was seeing my mom having fun with all those old things.She usually isn`t a big fan of it.

Yesterday,I already had told you here,was the first warm day since like forever.
Of course I had to do something outside to soak in every single sunbeam available.So my friends and I packed our things and decided to do a little barbecue session,or as we called it "a chill and grill",at a local river.
The food was delicious and I enjoyed every single minute of it!

What my friends and I did on the first sunny day

Well what else is there to be left,than ending the day with a yummy cocktail.And it`s even better having it with one of your best friend,talking about god an the world and laughing silly.
Best Sunday ever!

With that,I told you all about my week and now I want to know about yours.Tell me by leaving a comment!
Enjoy the sun and read you soon!


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  1. mmm Kabab!

    Yes, the warm weather totally has the same effect on me!

    To answer you question on my blog - I don't really eat much to be honest. Mostly just soup and toast. Ha.

    Corinne x


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