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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Week in Pictures #11

Or a little look back on my last week

I like starting a new week with looking back at the last one,reflecting about the things I have done and accomplished.Although it`s not that much mostly,it still motivates me to start freshly into a new week.This also is the main reason,I am even doing this feature,as it is a big help for me to focus on my last week and the thing I managed to do.

My Monday:
Cleaning up day!
Do I have to say more about that,fell asleep like a baby that night.Cleaning always makes me tired. 

Cute slippers I found at H&M

My Tuesday:
Went to buy my mom these leopard slippers,she had liked that much,when she saw them on me.Also took the opportunity to buy myself a yummy Hugo bubble tea and purchased those cute socks and two basic belts at H&M,while looking for the slippers. 

All the cute things I bought on my last visit to H&M

My Wednesday:
Regular working day,finished by catching up on "How I met your mother".

My Thursday:
Enjoyed a chilly evening on my balcony with a friend.I always love having people over.
Besides that I worked all day. 

My Friday:
Started the weekend by having some friends over,after a long working day.We made pizza and had a lot of fun.
Oh and look at those pastel colored M&M`s,I found when I went grocery shopping for the evening.Sadly they are limited,so I hope they still have them in stores next time. 

Eastern M&M collection

My Saturday:
Laziest day of the week!
Spent it doing just nothing and finishing my April lecture.

My Sunday:
Slept way too long.Got up,made some coffee and took a bubble bath.Then forced myself to go out and visit my friends,which just had arrived from their trip to Spain!
Love those pair of sneakers they got me from Primark!Perfect basics for this season.

Love these basic Primark sneakers

 That`s it about my week,now tell me all about yours?Did you have a good time?


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  1. Looks like you have had a wonderful week! I had some fun times but also some really stressful ones!

    Corinne x


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