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Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Week in Pictures #10

All about my last week,including a delicious new ice cream flavour

Last week was lots of fun and filled with many funny,beautiful and special moments. well as eating a lot of this delicious ice cream with Swiss gingerbread and sugared almond flavour (already mentioned here).

Browsing thrift stores is one of my favorite activities to do,as you all may know by now.So it was only natural,that I offered one of my best friends my help to sort out the clothes in her mother`s thrift shop.
We spent several hours separating and sorting out winter and summer clothes,rearranging and repricing everything.After a whole afternoon,we still have a few things left to do,so there`s probably going to be a second round.

After all it was a funny day with and even bigger yield.At the end I had almost two huge plastic bags full of cute clothes for myself.And when I talk about plastic bags I don`t mean those ones they give you in supermarkets,but rather those you use when packing up your belongings to move house.

Tuesday arrived,which is equatable with the fact that my days off are over.For every other one this day usually is Monday,for me it`s Tuesday.
So this may not be my favorite day of the week.Work week start kind of goes hand in hand with a little sweet melancholy craving for the next weekend.
So you want to know what I did last Tuesday?
DUH!Working of course,well and maybe laughing my face off while watching some episodes from the 8th season of How I met your mother.
My favorite hair colours
Do you know how it feels when you`re wishing or longing for something for so long and then it finally comes through?
I`m pretty sure most of you know this feeling,at least from times when you were a child and finally got what you were wishing for at Christmas.
Well Wednesday was like Christmas to me! My hairdresser finally agreed to make me my long dreamed of light pink hair.

Side note: A few days have past by since then and the situation has changed a bit.My boss didn`t really approve of me having pastel pink hair,what I kind of comprehend.So for the moment I`m only going for the bleaching.
And if someone of you knows some dye hair products in pastel colours that wash out quickly,please let me know!

Working days also have some good parts,besides earning money,you won`t believe it.
 Me for example,I love to exploit my lunchtime to do some shopping.
I went to a local mall here and found a few lovely and stylish bargains at H&M.They had a huge rack with flats,all for only 10.- to 15.- CHF.Amazing right?!
Altogether I spent only 55.-CHF on three pairs of flats,one pair of sunglasses and one clutch.

Oh and by the way,I finally discovered a bubble tea flavor,that I really liked.Most of the flavors I`ve tried were to sweet according to my taste.
That was until this very day,now I have found The Hugo,a bubble tea containing green tea,peppermint,elder and bubbles filled with lychee syrup.
And doesn`t this bubble tea just has the greatest and funniest name ever?!Anyway my dad`s name is Hugo,so self-evidently that I fancied the name!

Fridays are the opposite of Tuesdays!They mean weekend for me,as it is the last working day,before my days off arrive.
Getting up early in the morning isn`t really my time schedule,as I`m not that much of a morning person,so I`m usually tired Friday evenings from getting up early during the week.
That`s why I spent my evening relaxing and browsing online for some new interior and decor inspirations.

Cleaning and laundry day.
Despite the cold and rainy weather,I couldn`t wait anymore longer to start planting herbs on my balcony.Last year I was that delayed,that my plants bloomed in October.
Thumbs up I managed to make it earlier this year!

After this hard day of housework,I treated myself with a delicious burger and some brown sugar baked fries (fries recipe found here). 

My best friend was talking about her mom`s delicious lasagna recipe for years.So this Sunday we finally made it and went over to her parent`s house to dinner with her family.
It was a delightful evening,the lasagna was so good and the nut pie,that her mom made,tasted like heaven.
Only normal I felt into my bed stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey that night.

I would love to know more about my readers life and weeks.So feel free to start this feature at your blogs too!
Just don`t forget to link back here,so that I can read about it!


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  1. Aw! Your Monday sounds fun! I love organizing things, especially clothes! (Not my own though...)

    E x


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