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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY: Gold and Silver Vases

How I arranged my selfmade vases in my home

The famous one and only DIY project,I managed to do during the month February.
To avoid confusion,it didn`t took me so long because it`s a time consuming project,but rather because I was kind of lazy and not finishing it right away.I good excuse,but at least I`m honest.

Anyway,this DIY doesn`t require a lot of talent,knowledge or supplies and as I already said,you can do it without a lot of time effort.

Supplies needed:

What supplies you need
  • glass bottles,or any glass ware you want to convert in a vase
  • 2 cans silver spray paint
  • 2 cans golden spray paint
  • paint brush
  • old newspaper
I didn`t spend more than 30.- CHF on this project.All the bottles I used,were old lemonade bottles,that I cleaned.So they kind of came in free and it`s a neat thing to save money by reusing stuff that you normally would throw away.

I first had to clean my bottles and remove the glued on labels,so I put them in a sink full of water over night to soak everything.The next morning,I could easily peel off all the paper labels.

take a look at my selfmade golden vases

If you live in an apartment,like I do,or just don`t have any outdoor possibility for this DIY,then cover your floor with old newspaper,to prevent the floor to get paint on.I would recommend to lay out several layers of paper,as the spray paint easily can penetrate 1-2 layers.
Also note here,if you use similar bottles like I do and you don`t want to paint the clamp closures,then tape them now.

Lay down your bottles or glass ware and first spray paint the bottoms,then let dry.
How long your paint takes to dry is different,depending on the brand,so make sure to read all the instructions on the cans.Mine for example took about 10 minutes to get dust dry and 24 hours to completely dry.

Take a look at my selfmade silver vases

When spray painting.I advise you to spray with some distance.The closer you spray it on,the higher the chance it will look uneven.Spraying with more distance also prevents you from getting too much paint on at once,another cause for an uneven look.
In one word,it`s better to do multiple layers with less paint.

Return Step 3 until no glass shines through anymore and the paint covers all.When the bottoms are done,you can line up the bottles.Do the spray painting steps again,till the bottles are completely covered in silver or golden paint.Don`t forget the advices from Step 3 and do several layers and let dry completely between.

No fifth step needed,except you want to cover your bottles with a glossy finish and protection paint,which is transparent.
I tried it on one golden,as well as on one silver bottle,and I didn`t like the outcome at all.The golden bottle got a green tint and the silver spray paint got dissolved by the finish paint.I guess my finish paint and my spray paint weren`t compatible.So make sure to check that first,for example at the bottom of your bottles like I did,so it won`t ruin the whole bottle.

A few ideas how to arrange golden and silver vases

Now you only have to find a free place where you can put your vases and some flowers,branches or whatever you like!
Do you have some other ideas,how to decorate the vases??


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