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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Busy March

My look back on this March 2013

Better late than never!
I think I`m gonna make history in the blogger world with this sentence,as I use it practically every month,usually when I`m sharing my "Beauty of a month" posts with you,as I`m always late publishing this feature.I hope you can forgive me for my delayed posting!

And big notice to myself: Post the April feature punctually when April ends! 
Let`s move forward to my monthly look back...

My March movies and series:
Yey!This month I managed to watch one movie,which was "The Great and Powerful OZ" (already talked about it here).The movie was totally worth watching it and I just fell in love with the beautiful world of Oz.The story wasn`t the best one,but I still liked the movie.

Besides that,I finished watching the third season of Pretty Little Liars!And you can`t imagine how sad I was,when I found out I had to wait till June for the fourth season to come out.
I want to know what is going to happen,right now!

My March DIY:

My unfinished Easter DIY project

Started painting some Easter Eggs and still haven`t finished them.The cold and bad March weather and the snow falling on Easter really got me unmotivated in concern of this DIY project.Anyway it`s not too late to finish them,as spring hasn`t really arrived yet here in my hometown.You won`t believe it,but the trees are still without buds,as well as most of the bushes here!

My March food:

What I ate this March

I`m actually blushing while writing this,but on my March food plan were mostly unhealthy things,like potato chips (my friend brought them from London),chocolate,pizza,etc.There went my 5 fruit/vegetable portions a day resolution!
Those bad eating habits had one good part,now I`m even more motivated to eat healthier this April.

My best March moments:

Take a look at my Easter brunch

This month was full of good and memorable moments,like the visit of one of our best friends,who lives in London,Pre-Eastern brunch at my home with my dearest friends,making a trip to IKEA with my girls and not to forget visiting one of my best friends and my cute little godchild,spending Easter Sunday with my mom and my grandparents and the lovely afternoon I spent with my dad!
So you see,there were lots of great and beautiful moments this month.I really count myself to be lucky to have such good friends and family surrounding me and I truly appreciate every single moment I can spend with all my beloved ones.

My March drink:
Simple and easy,it`s ice tea.
Drank a lot of it this March and surprisingly still like it!Maybe I will try to make my own ice tea someday.

My March thrift findings:

What I found thrift shopping this month

March`s thrifting yield is pretty much small.I only found this blouse in apricot and a black cardigan.
The blouse is the softest one,I have ever owned.I love how it feels on my skin,when I wear it,and it`s color is so adorable and just perfect for spring.Or in my case to fool myself that it is spring by looking at it and wearing it.
The black cardigan is a long needed basic piece.I`m quiet happy,that I found it,as it works with a lot of clothes in my wardrobe and it is easy to combine with.

My March books:
"The Sex on the Beach Book Club" from Jennifer Apodaca.If you would like to know more about my March book,make sure to check out my review and my introduction.
Further I read some books,I got assigned with for my job.

My March music playlist:

March Playlist by abirdsdailylife on Grooveshark

My March shopping purchases:

What cute earrings I found this March 2013

Stocked up my earring collection,by buying those lovely eight pieces.I found them all at Claire`s and they only cost me about 30.-CHF as they had a 3 for 2 going on that day.
This March I also purchased my first caviar nail set,which I already have mentioned here,a fresh lime body peeling,which is just perfect for spring & summer,and a lip peeling from Lush.
Besides that I bought a ton of stuff at our trip to IKEA!

My March beauty products

That was my March!
And how was yours?I would love to know,what happened to you last month,especially what you did on Easter.


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