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Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Wishlist

Some cute and lovely things I wish for this month dream wedding dress, 2.vintage floral dresser to fall in love with, 3.50ies inspired deer planter, 4.simple but cute baby kitty ring, 5.kimono top,with this I can`t wait for summer to arrive

Wishlist time!
I have been doing a lot of window shopping this month.As usual I made a list of my favorite things to share with you.
And you?Did you window shopping too?

A few lovely things I discovered window shopping

6.fancy nautical inspired lamp, 7.pastel flower necklace,just perfect for spring, 8.the beach is calling with this ethnic looking bathing suit, 9.romantic chiffon playsuit, 10.some more pastel love with this baby blue bag

I love to make wishlists on online shops,that I frequent a lot.And although I never could buy all this stuff,it`s a lot of fun anyway!
Do you make that too?

Looking forward to see your April wishlists and hope you enjoyed mine.


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