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Sunday, April 21, 2013

52 Lists:My Essentials

Listing all the things that are essential to me

It`s been a while since I made my last 52 list,so I have a little catch up to do.
Today is time to sit down and reflect about the things in your life that truly are essential and important to you.This is what this week`s list is all about.

The humankind seems to have a tendency to always want more,never have enough and forget about the little things in life,that make it worth living for.That`s why I really enjoyed making this list,as it inspired me to think about all the things essential to me,all those things that surround you,that you can`t buy by walking into a store or using a credit card.Making this list also got me reminded on enjoying every single moment in my life and to pay attention to all the randomly beautiful things our lives are gifted with.

Once again a huge thank you to Mooreaseal for coming up with this great idea and sharing it with all of us!You`re such an inspiration!

Lastly I wish you all a nice evening and just wanted to refresh your mind by telling you that you can hop in on this project,whenever you like!



  1. What a great list! I just recently made a list of things that I want to teach my future kids and the things I need to practice on a personal level, so they can follow through example. No easy task, I know. Lists give you something to look forward to and it's fantastic for motivation.
    Love, Richelle of Lynn + Lou

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