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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Week in Pictures #11

Or a little look back on my last week

I like starting a new week with looking back at the last one,reflecting about the things I have done and accomplished.Although it`s not that much mostly,it still motivates me to start freshly into a new week.This also is the main reason,I am even doing this feature,as it is a big help for me to focus on my last week and the thing I managed to do.

My Monday:
Cleaning up day!
Do I have to say more about that,fell asleep like a baby that night.Cleaning always makes me tired. 

Cute slippers I found at H&M

My Tuesday:
Went to buy my mom these leopard slippers,she had liked that much,when she saw them on me.Also took the opportunity to buy myself a yummy Hugo bubble tea and purchased those cute socks and two basic belts at H&M,while looking for the slippers. 

All the cute things I bought on my last visit to H&M

My Wednesday:
Regular working day,finished by catching up on "How I met your mother".

My Thursday:
Enjoyed a chilly evening on my balcony with a friend.I always love having people over.
Besides that I worked all day. 

My Friday:
Started the weekend by having some friends over,after a long working day.We made pizza and had a lot of fun.
Oh and look at those pastel colored M&M`s,I found when I went grocery shopping for the evening.Sadly they are limited,so I hope they still have them in stores next time. 

Eastern M&M collection

My Saturday:
Laziest day of the week!
Spent it doing just nothing and finishing my April lecture.

My Sunday:
Slept way too long.Got up,made some coffee and took a bubble bath.Then forced myself to go out and visit my friends,which just had arrived from their trip to Spain!
Love those pair of sneakers they got me from Primark!Perfect basics for this season.

Love these basic Primark sneakers

 That`s it about my week,now tell me all about yours?Did you have a good time?


Trying the "Be Flowerful" Nail Polish from Essence

My new summer nail colours

I don`t know what about you,but I love to try different nail colours.Usually I`m always displaying another color on my nails.I especially love all pastel and loud shades and when spring arrives I feel the urge to put them on all.

So it`s no surprise that I couldn`t restrain myself,when I saw the new "Floral Grunge" collection from essence (already talked about it here) online.
I got myself 3 shades from this collection,which you can see above.Not only do I absolutely love the colours,but they also have the cutest names ever.
As I am going to talk about every single one separately,I`m going to tell you the names of the other two in following posts.

Coral pink nails

The first one I decided to try was the coral pink one,also called "01 be flowerful".What I most love about this color is that it brings summer right on your nails and makes you want to hold a cool mojito in your hands.In one sentence,this nail color is just perfect for hot summer days.This nail color is not only great for your fingers,but also for your toenails.

The design of the nail polish,well of all of them,reminds me quiet a bit of those ones from Catrice,but I like it anyway.As well as the brush.I like wide brushes,as I can bring on the nail polish much more easier with them.I did my usual two layers and the opacity and the color shade were just perfect.
Depending on the light it almost looks a bit like a neon color,although it`s not.Anyway I love this changing look.Summarizing,there is really nothing bad to say about this nail polish!
The prize,the colour and the brush,as well as the texture of the nail polish are just perfect!

I leave you with only following words: Get this nail polish ASAP!


PS:Stay tuned for the other two reviews to come!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Lovely Sunday #11

Sharing all the awesome things I found online last week

Right now here is dinner time and as you all know Monday,but anyway I decided to post my Lovely Sunday post,although a tiny bit delayed.
Once again I have discovered quiet some awesome things online.

What I newly discovered last week:
  • They sell pastel hair tints to dye at home.I didn`t know that L`OrĂ©al had launched this product on the market.Totally awesome!
  • Also discovered Directions hair tints.You all know by now,that I am absolutely crazy about unique hair colours.
  • Pinterest.Yes,I know it`s nothing new,but I didn`t had an account until last week.Soon going to link it here too.
What made me happy last week:
What was helpful to me last week:

What blogger outfits I liked the most last week:
Inspiring quote from Audrey Hepburn

What made me smile last week:
  • Analyzing "The Little Mermaid" from Disney.Mandy`s thoughts on this topic made me look at it in a different way and her style of writing is just adorable and so funny.
  • Beach trash.It is incredible how many different things strand on beaches.Kaylah made it visible by posting this lovely lay out of her beach trash findings.
  • Reading about some nerdy passion over at Clever Nettle.
What impressed me last week:
  • Moorea Seal`s story on how she became a jewelry designer.She`s just such an inspiring person and I absolutely enjoyed reading how she made it to where she is today.
  • Those 25 food and drink ideas for summer get togethers.
What inspired me last week:
  • One photo an hour post.What a lovely idea for a blog post!
  • How to break your routine.Kinsey`s thoughts on how important it is to take yourself some time off from all the daily stress,really made me think a lot about this issue.
  • Ribbon Twist Ties.It`s not the DIY project itself that inspired me,although those are the cutest ribbon twist ties ever,but rather the idea to create something so simple,that still looks lovely.
So for those of you,who are off today,like I am,I hope this post sweetens up your day. And for those who work it hopefully was a funny distraction.
Read you soon and feel free to leave a comment,telling me about your favorite things found online.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wild Garlic Hummus

How to make hummus with wild garlic

Lately I`m using a lot of wild garlic to cook with or garnish my dishes.I absolutely love that it tastes slightly like garlic,but not too intense.At the moment you can find it in every supermarket here,as it is wild garlic season.Seasonal cooking is one of the things I try to pay attention too,not always of course,but as much as I can.
And the very best thing is that with wild garlic I get two things at one sweep.A local harvested product,that is seasonal and something that I really love to eat!

When I bought some wild garlic at a local organic market,I was making up a lot of ways how I could include it to my daily menu plan.I also remembered a sun dried tomato hummus recipe I had seen a while ago on a beautiful mess.You all know I`m a huge fan of Elsies & Emmas blog and I practically want to try all the things they post about.
Sadly I don`t like sun dried tomatoes and for that reason I couldn`t try Emma`s recipe.But then it came to me!Why not try her recipe but replace the sun dried tomatoes and the cilantro by wild garlic?!

That`s how the combination of hummus and wild garlic was born!Well at least for me,as I am pretty sure,somebody already came up with this before me.As already mentioned,this recipe is hardly adapted from here.

Me trying out new recipes with wild garlic

What you need for one little bowl:
  • 1 1/2 to 2 ounces fresh wild garlic
  • 1 can chickpeas
  •  2 tablespoons tahini paste
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil or any other oil you like
  • salt
  • pepper
Rinse off and chop the wild garlic.Open the chickpeas can and remove the skin,if you want to.I didn`t do it,as I am a very lazy person and I wanted this to be a quick to eat snack.

Put the first three ingredients together in a bowl and stir with a blender until everything is mixed well.Now slowly add the olive oil.I did it in three different steps,always mixing the oil in between the single steps.If you use another oil,for example sesame oil,it`s possible that you won`t need 6 tablespoons,as this always depends on the oil.

Finish by adding salt,pepper and any other stuff you like.

I ate my hummus with salt crackers,as recommended by Emma.And it was just deliciously yummy!
So what about you?Do you like wild garlic?Any recipe using it?


Monday, April 22, 2013

52 Lists:Things that Feel like Home

Listing all the things that make me feel like home

I`m way behind with this project,as the 52 lists in fact already are in week 15 and this list I`m posting here is week 12.
But I`m pretty confident,to catch up with this feature within this week.

When you make a list you never know how time consuming it will be.Sometimes you`re done super quick and with other list it just takes you hours to complete.
When I sat down to thing about the theme of this 52 list,things that feel like home.I thought I would be sitting on this for a while,but then I got all the things listed within 20 minutes.
I`m a stay at home person,so probably because of this I had so many things,that reminded me of my home.

What about you?Are you a slow or fast list maker?And do you prefer to stay at home too?

Feel free to join this project,whenever you want to and also check out the lists of Moorea Seal,the creative mind behind it.


Last Week in Pictures #10

All about my last week,including a delicious new ice cream flavour

Last week was lots of fun and filled with many funny,beautiful and special moments. well as eating a lot of this delicious ice cream with Swiss gingerbread and sugared almond flavour (already mentioned here).

Browsing thrift stores is one of my favorite activities to do,as you all may know by now.So it was only natural,that I offered one of my best friends my help to sort out the clothes in her mother`s thrift shop.
We spent several hours separating and sorting out winter and summer clothes,rearranging and repricing everything.After a whole afternoon,we still have a few things left to do,so there`s probably going to be a second round.

After all it was a funny day with and even bigger yield.At the end I had almost two huge plastic bags full of cute clothes for myself.And when I talk about plastic bags I don`t mean those ones they give you in supermarkets,but rather those you use when packing up your belongings to move house.

Tuesday arrived,which is equatable with the fact that my days off are over.For every other one this day usually is Monday,for me it`s Tuesday.
So this may not be my favorite day of the week.Work week start kind of goes hand in hand with a little sweet melancholy craving for the next weekend.
So you want to know what I did last Tuesday?
DUH!Working of course,well and maybe laughing my face off while watching some episodes from the 8th season of How I met your mother.
My favorite hair colours
Do you know how it feels when you`re wishing or longing for something for so long and then it finally comes through?
I`m pretty sure most of you know this feeling,at least from times when you were a child and finally got what you were wishing for at Christmas.
Well Wednesday was like Christmas to me! My hairdresser finally agreed to make me my long dreamed of light pink hair.

Side note: A few days have past by since then and the situation has changed a bit.My boss didn`t really approve of me having pastel pink hair,what I kind of comprehend.So for the moment I`m only going for the bleaching.
And if someone of you knows some dye hair products in pastel colours that wash out quickly,please let me know!

Working days also have some good parts,besides earning money,you won`t believe it.
 Me for example,I love to exploit my lunchtime to do some shopping.
I went to a local mall here and found a few lovely and stylish bargains at H&M.They had a huge rack with flats,all for only 10.- to 15.- CHF.Amazing right?!
Altogether I spent only 55.-CHF on three pairs of flats,one pair of sunglasses and one clutch.

Oh and by the way,I finally discovered a bubble tea flavor,that I really liked.Most of the flavors I`ve tried were to sweet according to my taste.
That was until this very day,now I have found The Hugo,a bubble tea containing green tea,peppermint,elder and bubbles filled with lychee syrup.
And doesn`t this bubble tea just has the greatest and funniest name ever?!Anyway my dad`s name is Hugo,so self-evidently that I fancied the name!

Fridays are the opposite of Tuesdays!They mean weekend for me,as it is the last working day,before my days off arrive.
Getting up early in the morning isn`t really my time schedule,as I`m not that much of a morning person,so I`m usually tired Friday evenings from getting up early during the week.
That`s why I spent my evening relaxing and browsing online for some new interior and decor inspirations.

Cleaning and laundry day.
Despite the cold and rainy weather,I couldn`t wait anymore longer to start planting herbs on my balcony.Last year I was that delayed,that my plants bloomed in October.
Thumbs up I managed to make it earlier this year!

After this hard day of housework,I treated myself with a delicious burger and some brown sugar baked fries (fries recipe found here). 

My best friend was talking about her mom`s delicious lasagna recipe for years.So this Sunday we finally made it and went over to her parent`s house to dinner with her family.
It was a delightful evening,the lasagna was so good and the nut pie,that her mom made,tasted like heaven.
Only normal I felt into my bed stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey that night.

I would love to know more about my readers life and weeks.So feel free to start this feature at your blogs too!
Just don`t forget to link back here,so that I can read about it!


Lovely Sunday #10

Lovely Sunday #10

Can you believe it`s Sunday again?
Here Sunday is even almost over and definitely will be after I`m done writing this post.
And you know what Sundays are for right??Yes,they are meant to get inspired and honored by all the beautiful things in life.

So I`m getting to the point right away,sharing all the beauties and treats,I found this week.

What I newly discovered this week:
  • That you can buy an ice cream with sugared almonds and Swiss gingerbread (a sweet similar to gingerbread) flavor.The ice cream is called "Swiss Chilbi" and it`s packing is just the cutest.
  • This blogger contest,about how to save a few pounds.All you need to do is post 30 saving tips on your blog.Really thinking about doing this here on my blog.
What inspired me this week:
  • New hair tutorials,like this one from Katie.I use scarfs to wrap around my hair frequently,but I never thought of incorporating them into braids. 
  • I didn`t know what treasures you could make with parachute rope,until I found this necklace DIY
  • I just love browsing the web for new interior inspirations.If you do too,then check it out.
What made me happy this week:

inspiring art quote

What impressed me this week:
What made me smile this week:
What blogger outfits I liked the most this week:
  • Why not look stylish for work?Fran shows us how,with her classic and slightly preppy outfit.
  • By now most of you may know,that I`m a sucker for romantic-preppy-vintage looking outfits.Like those from Gossip Girl.Clearly I had to fall in love with Sabrina`s outfit.I like how she mixes the simplicity of a dress with some pop up color accessories.
  • Aren`t sailor looks cute?I adore them,especially when they are so sweet looking like Adora Mehitabel`s outfit.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

52 Lists:My Essentials

Listing all the things that are essential to me

It`s been a while since I made my last 52 list,so I have a little catch up to do.
Today is time to sit down and reflect about the things in your life that truly are essential and important to you.This is what this week`s list is all about.

The humankind seems to have a tendency to always want more,never have enough and forget about the little things in life,that make it worth living for.That`s why I really enjoyed making this list,as it inspired me to think about all the things essential to me,all those things that surround you,that you can`t buy by walking into a store or using a credit card.Making this list also got me reminded on enjoying every single moment in my life and to pay attention to all the randomly beautiful things our lives are gifted with.

Once again a huge thank you to Mooreaseal for coming up with this great idea and sharing it with all of us!You`re such an inspiration!

Lastly I wish you all a nice evening and just wanted to refresh your mind by telling you that you can hop in on this project,whenever you like!


Giveaway Reminder

How to win a free scrapbooking version

Hi there!
I just wanted to give you a little reminder on my giveaway here.
One lucky reader gets a free version of the MyMemories scrapbooking software!
It`s a really great deal,as the software normally would cost you $39.99.-
After winning you get a special code to download the program directly on your computer.
The only thing you have to do is visit the MyMemories page here,choose your favorite kit and name it by leaving a comment here.

It only will take you about 3 minutes to complete this!
Don`t leave out this unique opportunity!

I almost forgot to mention,that the MyMemories software also is a great photo editing program for beginners!

Don`t miss out on this special giveaway and read you soon!


April Wishlist

Some cute and lovely things I wish for this month dream wedding dress, 2.vintage floral dresser to fall in love with, 3.50ies inspired deer planter, 4.simple but cute baby kitty ring, 5.kimono top,with this I can`t wait for summer to arrive

Wishlist time!
I have been doing a lot of window shopping this month.As usual I made a list of my favorite things to share with you.
And you?Did you window shopping too?

A few lovely things I discovered window shopping

6.fancy nautical inspired lamp, 7.pastel flower necklace,just perfect for spring, 8.the beach is calling with this ethnic looking bathing suit, 9.romantic chiffon playsuit, 10.some more pastel love with this baby blue bag

I love to make wishlists on online shops,that I frequent a lot.And although I never could buy all this stuff,it`s a lot of fun anyway!
Do you make that too?

Looking forward to see your April wishlists and hope you enjoyed mine.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Leek Cream Soup

A leek soup recipe

That was actually the first time I made a leek soup,or Vichyssoise as others may call it,and I liked it that much,that I had to share it with you right away.
On my opinion it`s the perfect meal for a cold day,when you need something to warm you from inside.So far this spring has rather been freezing than warm,for which reason leek cream soup still is a pretty good option.
Oh and have I mentioned that it`s pretty easy to make and that it can be reheated without losing a bit of it`s delicacy.I for example reheated mine the next day for lunch.
Recipe is slightly adapted from here.

What you need (2 servings):
  • 2 leek rods
  • 1/2 ounce butter  
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 6 ounces single cream
  • 1 laurel leaf
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • nutmeg
  • chive
First peel the potatoes.Then rinse them off,as well as the leek rods.Cut the potatoes in dices and the leek rods into rings.Heat butter in a pan and add the leek rings as soon as the butter is hot.Steam for 20 minutes.
Add 1 to 2 pinches of salt and pepper.

Delicious Vichyssoise recipe

Add potatoes,water,milk and the laurel leaf.Cover the pan and continue cooking for 30 minutes.

Remove the laurel leaf.Now puree with a bar mixer,till your soup has a smooth and uniform texture.Add the single cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg.Stir until mixed well.If you want you can heat your soup again for about 10 minutes,like I did,or just finish by serving your soup in plates.
Don`t forget to sprinkle on some chopped chive.

You see quiet an easy recipe!
While making it I could finish some housework without any problems,meaning without burning anything.You could also make this soup with milk only,without any cream.I for myself liked the cream,as it gave the soup the smooth consistence I loved that much.

What dishes with leek do you like?


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My April Lecture

What I am reading this April

Hello my dear readers!
It`s this time of the month again,where I`m going to present you quickly,which book I am reading for my "one book a month challenge".

The lecture I chose is from Louise Bagshawe,an English author.I`ve never read anything from her,so I`m pretty eager to find out,if I like her style of writing or not...I still can`t say,as I haven`t read a lot yet.

In English the book is simply called "Glamour",which kind of is already a huge hint what it is about.
Glamour is the name of a store or company,still haven`t found out that clearly,owned by three women.Three of the most powerful and famous women of the world.Those women once were best friends.Now they are worst enemies.
The storyline starts with the three meeting up for a trial concerning their business.But before the reader gets to know more,the writer sends you to the very beginning of their story.
That`s about what I can tell you about my April lecture so far,without saying too much.

For those of you who chose their reading by genres,this book definitely falls into the category of women books,romance and drama.
If you`re keeping up with my "one book a month challenge",you may have noticed,that this is kind of my favourite book genre.

What are you reading this month?And what books do you like?
I could definitely use some new ideas!


PS: Stay tuned for the review on this book,coming up beginning of May!
And check out my giveaway!

DIY: Gold and Silver Vases

How I arranged my selfmade vases in my home

The famous one and only DIY project,I managed to do during the month February.
To avoid confusion,it didn`t took me so long because it`s a time consuming project,but rather because I was kind of lazy and not finishing it right away.I good excuse,but at least I`m honest.

Anyway,this DIY doesn`t require a lot of talent,knowledge or supplies and as I already said,you can do it without a lot of time effort.

Supplies needed:

What supplies you need
  • glass bottles,or any glass ware you want to convert in a vase
  • 2 cans silver spray paint
  • 2 cans golden spray paint
  • paint brush
  • old newspaper
I didn`t spend more than 30.- CHF on this project.All the bottles I used,were old lemonade bottles,that I cleaned.So they kind of came in free and it`s a neat thing to save money by reusing stuff that you normally would throw away.

I first had to clean my bottles and remove the glued on labels,so I put them in a sink full of water over night to soak everything.The next morning,I could easily peel off all the paper labels.

take a look at my selfmade golden vases

If you live in an apartment,like I do,or just don`t have any outdoor possibility for this DIY,then cover your floor with old newspaper,to prevent the floor to get paint on.I would recommend to lay out several layers of paper,as the spray paint easily can penetrate 1-2 layers.
Also note here,if you use similar bottles like I do and you don`t want to paint the clamp closures,then tape them now.

Lay down your bottles or glass ware and first spray paint the bottoms,then let dry.
How long your paint takes to dry is different,depending on the brand,so make sure to read all the instructions on the cans.Mine for example took about 10 minutes to get dust dry and 24 hours to completely dry.

Take a look at my selfmade silver vases

When spray painting.I advise you to spray with some distance.The closer you spray it on,the higher the chance it will look uneven.Spraying with more distance also prevents you from getting too much paint on at once,another cause for an uneven look.
In one word,it`s better to do multiple layers with less paint.

Return Step 3 until no glass shines through anymore and the paint covers all.When the bottoms are done,you can line up the bottles.Do the spray painting steps again,till the bottles are completely covered in silver or golden paint.Don`t forget the advices from Step 3 and do several layers and let dry completely between.

No fifth step needed,except you want to cover your bottles with a glossy finish and protection paint,which is transparent.
I tried it on one golden,as well as on one silver bottle,and I didn`t like the outcome at all.The golden bottle got a green tint and the silver spray paint got dissolved by the finish paint.I guess my finish paint and my spray paint weren`t compatible.So make sure to check that first,for example at the bottom of your bottles like I did,so it won`t ruin the whole bottle.

A few ideas how to arrange golden and silver vases

Now you only have to find a free place where you can put your vases and some flowers,branches or whatever you like!
Do you have some other ideas,how to decorate the vases??


Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Week in Pictures #9

Last week was sunny

Another week has passed by and I feel like spring finally arrived to stay.It`s incredible what an effect a little bit of sun has on me and probably all of us.
I`m even smiling all by myself,while writing about my last week...
Does warm weather have a similar impact on you??

What went down in my life the last week:

Meeting up with my besties to have coffee at Starbucks.I just love their coffee.We had an awesome time.Later that day,me and one of my best friends went gift shopping.
There is a Birthday coming up soon!
And you all know how gift shopping turns out,you always find some cute things for yourself too... :)


 ....and working...
I really don`t do a lot after days like that.

Besides having a lovely lunchtime with a friend,nothing interesting happened.Just a regular work day.

Too tired to do anything at all after a long work day.Only spend a few hours reading my April lecture (more about this soon),before my eyes fell down.
Oh,almost forgot,had a delicious kebab for lunch.

Yummy kebab plate

By now you all know,that I love thrift shopping.
What I even love more is doing it with somebody else.So of course I wouldn`t hesitate to accept my mom`s offer to check out a vintage store she had spotted.
I found some lovely things,but the best part of it,was seeing my mom having fun with all those old things.She usually isn`t a big fan of it.

Yesterday,I already had told you here,was the first warm day since like forever.
Of course I had to do something outside to soak in every single sunbeam available.So my friends and I packed our things and decided to do a little barbecue session,or as we called it "a chill and grill",at a local river.
The food was delicious and I enjoyed every single minute of it!

What my friends and I did on the first sunny day

Well what else is there to be left,than ending the day with a yummy cocktail.And it`s even better having it with one of your best friend,talking about god an the world and laughing silly.
Best Sunday ever!

With that,I told you all about my week and now I want to know about yours.Tell me by leaving a comment!
Enjoy the sun and read you soon!


Lovely Sunday #9

My weekly online discoveries

While tipping this post,I`m frantically trying to keep my eyes open.Sunny days always make me sleepy,but they are so worth it.Especially today,as the thermometer reached 20°Celsius for the first time this year and there was no cloud visible in the sky.
It felt like waking up after a long winter sleep,well six months are quiet a long time if you ask me,particularly when we`re talking about cold and winter.
Only understandable,that everybody here needed to get out today to let the sun warm their bodies and soul.
I love how the sunbeams make prickle my skin!It was just amazing and totally worth the tiredness I`m feeling right now!
Hopefully the sun will stay and never go away,well at least till fall arrives again!

And before I`m literally falling asleep,here some funny,inspiring and lovely things I spotted in the world wide web this week. 

What made me smile this week (besides today`s weather):
  1. Birthday Cake Martinis,seen here.Duh!Who doesn`t want a drink that tastes like a Birthday cake?!
  2. Seeing LoveT wearing her wellies in the bathtub.Looks like a lot of fun.Definitely going to do this,as soon as I have purchased a pair of wellies.
  3. Looking at all those colorful vintage fridges and stoves.I wish I could have one of these cuties.
What blogger outfit`s I liked the most this week:
  1. Eliza wearing the preppy look.I`m a sucker for this sort of Blair Waldorf inspired styles!
  2. Adora Mehitabel`s tapestry dress.I love how she combined different brown shades with a cute pattern dress and strawberry red.
  3. Diana playing with different green shades.The pop up green colours just work perfectly with the simplicity of the outfit.
Quote of the week from Helen Keller

What inspired me this week:
  1. Marilyn`s new decorated office,isn`t just adorable,but also gave me some brand new inspirations for my own four walls.
  2. Lace denim cut-offs DIY,found here.Which girl doesn`t love the romantic touch that a little detail of lace can give your look.
  3. While browsing my bookmarks,I found this and got totally inspired by Elsie`s vase and glasses.Thinking about decorating more pieces in my home in the color gold!
What made me happy this week:
  1. Hosting my first giveaway on my blog,which actually still is open.You can win a free photo and scrapbooking software!
  2. "The Floral Grunge Nail Polish Collection" from essence.Those colours are just perfect for spring and I definitely need to buy some of them.
  3. Window shopping for cute spring dresses,like this,that and this adorable little pieces.
And what did you find,while browsing the web?I would love to know!
Wish you all a nice Sunday and hope you enjoy your`s as much as I did mine!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love at First Sight

My dream dress
picture from
Do you know those moments,when you see a dress or a pair of shoes and it`s just instant love?And you know you just have to get this piece or you won`t sleep peacefully anymore,having it wandering through your thoughts all the time?

I had such a moment last Saturday,when I spotted this breathtaking dress at H&M!
I instantly ran into the store and grabbed the last dress left,before anybody else could take it.I probably may have scared a baby mother who wanted to look at the dress too.
Anyway if you find your dream dress you go for it,right?!
I headed to the fitting room and couldn`t believe how lucky I was,as the dress wasn`t only my size it also fitted perfectly!

A dress I instantly fell in love with and my dream wedding dress
pictures from
Believe me,when I was walking to the cashpoint I had the biggest smile on my face!
But then reality hit me bad,when I found out,by looking at the price label,that the dress didn`t cost 49.90.- CHF,but 499.- CHF.
That was the end of the relationship with this H&M dress from the "Conscious Exclusive Collection"!
I layed it back on it`s place,left the store and later spent hours on ebay looking for the same dress for a less expensive price.
And till know I`m still searching...

So dear Santa Claus,Easter bunny or whosoever is kind enough,please please I would really appreciate to have one of those dresses!

Did something similar happen to anybody of you too??


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green,Greener,Green Salad

A recipe on a healthy green salad

Today I have a super healthy green salad recipe for you.
As usual it`s an easy and quick to do recipe,which I make all the time.Especially during the week at lunchtime,when I need something quick to go,but still healthy.
What I most love about this salad is that it`s very refreshing,particularly,when all the ingredients come right out of the fridge.And I think it`s green color is just adorable.Doesn`t it make your mouth watery?!

What you need (1 serving,salad dressing 2 servings):
  • 1/2 salad cucumber
  • 2-3 full hands iceberg lettuce
  • 1 avocado 
  • 1-2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 2-3 tablespoons sunflower oil or rape oil
  • 3-4 tablespoons wine vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 1 teaspoon mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon mustard
  • salt 
  • pepper
  • grounded garlic
  • grounded onion
  • salad herb mixture
Wash the first two ingredients and peel the salad cucumber,if you want to.I prefer to eat them with their skin on.Now cut the cucumber in little pieces or slices and rip the iceberg lettuce in eatable sized pieces.Prepare on a plate

Halve the avocado and remove the core.Peel the avocado and cut it into slices.Arrange the avocado slices on top of the salad.Add the lemon juice,which on one hands contributes to the refreshing taste and on the other hand prevents the avocado from turning brown.

Mix all the remaining ingredients together in a bowl and stir.Mix everything well,so that your salad dressing gets an even texture.Pour your dressing over the salad,grab a fork and enjoy.

I personally am a big fan of salads,I can always eat them.Are you a sucker for salad too?And if you have some good salad recipes,please tell me about them,by leaving a comment!