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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lovely Sunday

Some lovely things to enjoy,while spending a chilly Sunday

Today I woke up,looked out of my window and realized,it would just be the perfect day for my Lovely Sunday feature,as everything was just grey and cloudy outside!
Don`t get me wrong,spring definitely has arrived as the temperatures raised,but here it`s still cloudy and raining a lot in March.
So tell me,is there something better to do,than lying on your couch with a cozy blanket,a hot tea and browsing the web for some cute and inspirational things??
You agree with me,then start boiling your tea water,get a blanket and check out the following links.
And most important have fun and get inspired!

What helped me this week:
  1. Clean Living feature from Sincerely Kinsey,really inspiring and helpful,as I would love to make my own beauty products too.
  2. Seems like recently lifestyle bloggers are all about breakfast.I love Sunday breakfasts,so I soaked all in,like those recipes/ideas from a Beautiful Mess and Maiedae
  3. I`m a total sucker for pillows,especially in loud colours and crazy patterns.that`s why I considered this pillow talk post very helpful.If you`re looking for some new ideas to give your home a new look for this spring,check out this link!
What I newly discovered:
  1. Slowdownjoe,a lovely home furniture and decorating online shop.
  2. The new clothes added to the Revolving Style Vintage Online Shop.I just absolutely fell in love with the white dress!Wouldn`t it be the perfect wedding dress? 
  3. The GFC Blog Hop.I think it`s quiet an awesome thing to do.So,I`m actually thinking about participating too,but I`m not sure yet.
An inspiring quote from Henry Longfellow

Which blogger outfit`s I liked the most this week:
  1. Again this week,Maiedae`s outfit!I just fell in love with her cardigan and the mint dress.
  2. This lovely look from Highland Fling,inspired by the sailor look!Absolutely adore it!
  3. Belle wearing this stunning dress,which I really envy her for!
What made me smile this week:
  1. This photo just made me think about my childhood,when I was obsessed with all kinds of fairy tales!Well I still am and could go on and on about it for hours!
  2. Harley & Jane`s cute video,telling their readers a little bit about themselves!They are both so sweet and likable!
  3.  Liz`s dog wearing his scarf.He`s just so adorable with his underbite!
What made me happy this week:
  1. This love quote.
  2. Galaxy tie-dyed shoes.
  3. Making playlists with my new iPhone app iTube.
What inspired me this week:
  1. Maria sharing her lifestyle changes.Really inspiring and it may help some of you to keep up with your daily health and fitness program.
  2. Those tattoos,almost made me want one too!
  3. This quote.
Now I wish you a relaxing and refreshing Sunday.Reload your batteries for the coming week,get inspired and most important enjoy your free time!I`m off to take a bubble bath and do my nails!


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So feel free to comment and write whatever goes through your mind.