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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lovely Sunday

My every Sunday post on my weekly findings

Today`s Lovely Sunday post,is gonna be extra special!
Actually I thought it would be nice to double this week`s content of this feature.Just to give you a little recompense,as I missed posting one last week.

What made me happy this week:
  1.  Tea for Two lookbook.All those pastel colours are just amazing!
  2.  Peaches & Spring colours.Oh,this just makes me want peach season right now!
  3.  I`m a total sucker for details,like this adorable spring arrangement.
  4. Browsing Ikea online for hours the whole weekend.
  5. This sweet Irish mantel,just perfect for St.Patrick`s Day!
  6. Heart shaped baking tin,my favorite Ikea piece.Don`t you think the color is just lovely?!
What inspired me this week:
  1. Alexandra Valenti`s Art photography.Those pictures are just breathtaking!
  2. Enjoy Cupcakes,their work is so inspirational!
  3. This quote from Albert Einstein.It got me thinking a lot,and by the end of the day,I think we all have to admit,that he was right.
  4. I`m still in the middle of a huge decoration process for my apartment,which I`m almost living in for a year and haven`t finished at all.Sometimes this frustrates me and Maiedae`s thoughts about this issue,really inspired and helped me!
  5. Interior Inspiration feature from Design is mine.
  6. Lovely dreamcatcher DIY project.Now I just want one too!
What made me smile this week:
  1. They sell Swiss Chocolate Milk in Shanghai!This just made my day!
  2. Everybody will agree with me on the fact that love is beautiful,right?!Check out this him&her post and I promise,it will leave you with a big smile.
  3. Blue French Bulldog puppy!Just made my heart melt!
  4. Ever heard about make-up dealers?I didn`t until I read this funny story!
  5. Aren`t those birds cute?
  6. Cat ears to wear.
Quote of the week

What blogger outfits I liked the most this week:
  1. Some Bohemian Love & Sweater Time.
  2. The proof,parkas and parrots totally work!
  3. Belle`s black & red outfit and Ginger`s romantic lace look.
  4. LuciaY rocking vintage Tee`s.
  5. This outfit is one of my favourites!
  6. Who doesn`t like scallops and polka dots?!
What helped me this week:
  1. Hair tutorial with 20 different hair styles.
  2. This article about lifestyle photography.
  3. All about gel eyeliner.I`m all in for trying it too now!
  4. Tutorial on ombre nails.
  5. How to lighten your room.
  6.  Hair bow tutorial.
 What I newly discovered this week:
  1. Professional looking eyeshadow palettes.More accurately,this isn`t a totally new discovery,I just had totally forgotten about wanting to try it!
  2. Sweets & Jewelry!
  3. New Etsy vintage shop.
  4. Grooveshark,thanks to those lovely two ladies.
Hope you`re okay with the extent of this week`s Lovely Sunday and you liked my findings!
Read you soon!



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