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Monday, March 4, 2013

Lovely Sunday

More about what made my week

The weekend is over and I`m late again with my Lovely Sunday post!Well maybe one day I`ll manage to be more organized,but anyway,for the moment,I`m still my chaotic me.So much for this 2013 resolution!
I could go on and on about this,but I think you would rather know,what I have for you in this Lovely Sunday post.

What I newly discovered last week:
  1. The Script,great band,even greater sound.
  2. Adam Green & Binki Shapiro,just lovely.
 What made me happy last week:
  1. Listening to the song Breakfast at Tiffany`s.
  2. Cutest birdhouse ever!
What inspired me last week:
  1. The Doubles Project,their photos are so inspiring,as well as their idea behind.Read about them here.
  2. A tie dying project on this blog.Now I want to tie dye too!
What made me smile last week:
  1. Art from Tomski & Polanski,spotted here.
  2. A lovely letter Jane wrote to her 12 year old self.So adorable!
  3. Macaroons in rainbow colours,seen here.
Last week`s best blogger outfits:
  1. This casual outfit from The Illustrated Edge.I just love it,especially the cross pants!
  2.  Lovely spring welcoming outfit from Erica.This outfit looks cozy warm,but still says hello to the spring!
  3. This amazing outfit from Hickory & Juniper.Love,love,love the coat and the vintage touch the look has!
What was helpful last week:
  1. This website with the main cupcake ingredients.I used it to do my cupcake shopping list
And what made your week special?I would love to know,as I am curious,so let me know by leaving a comment or an email!

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