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Monday, March 25, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

What I accomplished last week

Last week was one of the better ones.I kept up blogging practically every day,like I had planned since the beginning of this year and finally moved a bit forward with decorating my home.Now there`s just missing the annual spring cleaning and of course lot`s of furniture and my apartment will be ready for spring.That`s why I`m really excited to share my last week with you this time.
Did you also carry out some long wanted projects or wishes?

Our IKEA findingsMonday:
Yey!Best day of the week!
We went to IKEA and I got crazy buying a lot of decorating and glassware stuff for my apartment.Most awesome thing was,that I finally found a perfect rug for my living room.I don`t know how you feel about this,but I always get insanely happy,when I find a piece to furniture my home,that absolutely looks like I pictured it!

Me and my new rug from IKEA

I had some different ideas for my perfect rug in mind and the one I found just suited pretty well for one of those.Besides the rug,I didn`t find any furniture,but I think it`s better to take yourself some time finding perfect things,rather than just buy random furniture.

Working and sleeping like 11 hours,one of those not gonna happen anything days.

Another long working day,closed by a chilly evening at home and going to sleep early.Does spring also make you a bit tired?I think it`s supposed to be like that,as it always happens to me around this time of the year.

Working and spending way to much time watching Pretty Little Liars,resulting in a lack of sleep the next day.

went watching a movie,I was waiting for a long time

After work me and friends meet up to go at the local mall,where they have a cinema.We finally wanted to go see "OZ:The Great and Powerful".The movie turned out to be played at a later time than expected,or to say it in other words,I looked it up wrong.Silly me!
So we grabbed some dinner and payed a visit to Douglas,where I got an awesome fresh smelling lemon body peeling.
Some of you know,I have been waiting for this movie for quiet a while and I didn`t get disappointed.The OZ world is just breathtakingly beautiful,the actors are great,especially James Franco and the story is quiet funny.I really enjoyed and loved this movie,although the storyline isn`t one of the deepest,it`s still worth seeing it.

A little sneak peek on the cute things I found last week

Treated myself with some lovely shopping and then visited my parents.I bought myself some earrings,as I don`t own that much pretty ones,that I actually use.Also got myself a few new beauty products that I`m almost running out and a caviar nail set in black,which I was looking for quiet a while.On the way to my parents,I stopped by my favourite thrift store and found two lovely pieces.
Still going to share my findings more detailed soon!

Big day for me!Finally tried the caviar nail look for the first time!
And what a pleasant surprise,it wasn`t that difficult as expected.At the beginning,I thought it would be quiet hard work to do this nail style,but it isn`t and I liked how it turned out.
As I`m planning on doing a little review on this one,I won`t tell you everything yet.
Only thing left here to say is,that I still need some more practice for a nicer outcome.

Tried the caviar nail style for the first time

I know I didn`t actually do that much last week as you may have expected.But for me,those things were quiet exciting and made me feel like getting a step closer to reach my goals and resolutions!
Hopefully you had a good start into this new week and I would love to know all about how your last week was.



  1. have to go to ikea soon too :)
    and lovely nails!!


  2. i agree with you - it's much better to wait and find that perfect thing that you absolutely love rather than settle.


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