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Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY:Baby Boy Pillow

How to make a pillow with felt letters

For such a long time I wanted to share this DIY project with all of you.I made it in December as a Christmas gift for the cutest baby ever,my godchild
What I most loved about making this pillow,well besides seeing the face of his mother (one of my besties),when she unwrapped the gift,was that I could make it while watching TV.I enjoy those projects,that leave you with the possibility to relax at the same time.

What you need to make a pillow

Supplies needed:
  • 2 different 20 x 20 inches fabrics,of course you can also use just one fabric,then it would be a 40 x 40 inches fabric
  • pillow stuffing,I used stuffing cotton
  •  20 x 20 inches felt fabric
  • white yarn
  • baking paper
  • fabric scissors and regular scissors
  •  French chalk
  • a sewing needle
  •  Pins
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  •  a measure tape
  • a sewing machine
Of course you can adapt the measurements,fabrics and yarns as you like.

How to make a pillow by yourself

First draw a square on the baking paper in the size you want for your pillow,by using a ruler and a pencil.I wanted my pillow to be about 11 inches.When drawing your square remember to add about 1/2 to 1 inch to every side of the square for the hemline.
Then cut out your square with a regular scissor.

Pin your paper square on one of the fabrics and cut out the fabric along your template.Then repeat this step for your second piece of fabric.Now you should have two even looking squares of fabric.
Now process all the ends of the fabrics by using the zigzag stitch of your sewing machine.This will prevent the fabrics from becoming frayed.

Me making a pillow for my godchild

Pin both fabric pieces together leaving a space of 1/2 inch on every fabric end.When pinning everything together,the nice side of your fabric should be faced down.I first measured the 1/2 inch for the hemline,then I draw a line with french chalk to mark where I needed to put the pins.This also helps you when sewing the two pieces together,as you not only have the pins but also the chalk line,as a guide where to sew along.
Also pay attention to overlap the ends of the fabric exactly.
Sew the pieces together with your sewing machine using a straight stitch.It`s so much more easy,when you already made your hemline with the pins,so I really recommend you to do this.
Don`t sew it all!You need to leave a little bit of the fabric unattached,so that you can stuff your pillow.

How to make a pillow with letter felts by yourself

Cut the surplus fabric ends and turn your pillow onto it`s nice side.
Now it`s time for the felt letters.
Get some baking paper and sketch your letters in the size and form you want them to be and cut them out.

Tutorial on How I made a Baby Boy pillow for my godchild

Pin the letters on the felt fabric and cut out around the sides of your letter templates.
Now you already have your felt letter done,only have to sew them on!

Pin the felt letters on your pillow and sew them on.I did this by hand as I wanted my pillow to have this kind of rustic vibe.I did every stitch three times,to give the stitches a thicker look.

This is the final step!
Fill your pillow with your stuffing,until it has the softness or hardness you`re looking for.Then sew together the little gap you left open to stuff it.I did this by hand,but you can also do it with your sewing machine.

Ta da!That`s about it!
Hope you liked this little DIY project.Maybe you can find somebody to give this to,like I did or you just enjoy your self made pillow all by yourself!
Oh,I almost forgot!
If you have any detailed questions on this DIY don`t hesitate and ask by leaving a comment.And if there is any need for further explications and tutorials just tell me,of course also by leaving a comment and I will do some sewing tutorials on this!


PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures,but I made this project at night,that`s why! 


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  2. I remember when you commented on my blog about making this! That's awesome. I'm glad you shared it! It looks great!

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