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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cloudy February

Looking back on February 2013

It`s time for a look back on my last month and yes,I`m totally aware that this post title may sound a little depressive and dark moody.But don`t judge by first impressions!In fact this February wasn`t bad at all,I just felt it could have been a little more productive,as I was kind of in the mood of doing nothing all the time!This also may have been due to the weather,as February was quiet cold,grey and TA TA cloudy.

My February food:
Being one of those persons,always shivering and freezing during winter,I don`t want to miss food that warms you up from the insight.I love the warm and pleasant feeling spreading from your stomach through your whole body,when eating a hot soup or stew.So this is what dominated my table this month,besides dishes with green beans and salads.

My February drink: 

What I love to drink

Grapefruit definitely was my every day beverage this February,besides some attempts on banana-kiwi smoothies/milkshakes,that still need some improvement.

My Best February moments:
Busy,that`s what I would call this last month of mine.Besides being lazy and working a lot,there wasn`t a lot going on.Probably that`s the reason why I really enjoyed Wednesday lunch's at my parent`s home and going grocery shopping with my mom on Saturdays.I also really enjoyed the one evening,I had most of my nearest friends over for diner.It was so much fun,especially when they started to get dressed up.I just had to take a photo of them in their costumes! 
What to wear on carnival

(Side info: We celebrate carnival every February here to see off the winter and welcome the spring.Although I sympathize with the idea behind the festive,I`m not a huge fan of it,as I don`t like guggen music and always freeze too much being outside the whole time.Yes,I know,I`m a party pooper!)
This February also featured my goodbye diner with my old co-workers,which was kind of delayed too,as I already stopped working there in December.Ha,ha what a surprise right?Anyway,we had a lovely evening eating pasta at a local restaurant and I couldn`t believe my eyes,when I saw the goodbye present they gave me.A zalando voucher!Aren`t they awesome??!
Lastly wouldn`t want to miss the chilly Sunday and quality time we spent at my best friend`s and mother of my godchild`s house!Talked to you about that here.

My February thrifting treasures:
Actually,I wanted to show you these earlier,but have I mentioned,that I had a busy February?Anyway,here`s what I found doing some thrift shopping last month.

What you can find in thrift stores

I especially love the dark green cardigan and the black-white sweater,because they are both so cozy and warming,as they are made of wool.The turquoise sweater isn`t that big of a unique piece I know,but every woman needs basics and is just perfect for work.I spent a total of 18.- on those three pieces,which is quiet a bargain!

My February shopping treasures:
Stocking up my beauty and make-up supplies was one of the main goals for this February,first because I got a set of brand new make-up brushes as a Christmas present.Second because this was a much needed thing to do.Here`s what I purchased.
Newest beauty products I purchased
Face mask I`m using at the moment

Of course there are still missing a bunch of necessary supplies and tons of unnecessary ones,but for the moment I`m happy with what I got.You might be looking for the specific names of the products and the brands,but be patient!I`m planning to make a separate post about all the products.
Besides beauty shopping I found some SALE bargains at H&M,which I wrote about here,and the cutest french bully ring in the world,mentioned here.

My February music playlist:

February Playlist by abirdsdailylife on Grooveshark  

My February movies/series:
Honestly I was so lazy this last month,I swear I thought I would manage to at least watch a bunch of good films,but as you may have already guessed,I didn`t.Hopefully this will be different next month.Although I have to admit watching Pretty Little Liars totally made up for all the movies I didn`t watch.Still is my favorite TV show at this very moment!

My February book:
The Way to a woman`s heart from Christina Jones.
Check out the introduction and my review on the book.

My February DIY:
Somehow embarrassing,considering what I all had planned for last month.The only DIY project I pulled off this February were some gold and silver spray painted vases.

What I made this Feburary

Going to share a precise tutorial on how I did these soon.

I hope you lovely readers all had a wonderful February and it`s almost unbelievable March is already half through too!



  1. Wow I love all the clothing you bought!

  2. Kind of irrelevant but pamplemousse is maybe my favourite word ever. So funny! Love the look of your black and white sweater too, does it have chickens on it??!

    E x


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