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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

52 List:Spring Cleansing

A list about all the things to do to clean out your life and home for this spring

The 52 list is a project started by Moorea Seal,which I spotted over at Harley & Jane,a blog,who`s lovely writers also are participating.
I instantly fell for this project and the idea behind.Well,I also have to admit,I`m kind of the biggest list maker ever!Yes,yes nerdy me,I know.But I really enjoy making lists and I consider them very useful to better organize my life.So,no wonder,I got hooked up right away!

The first 52 list I`m taking is about all the things you want to do,to cleanse out your life.With Spring having just arrived,we can hear it shouting from everywhere,it`s time to clean out your life,your relationship,your home or whatever you need to clean.Time to get rid off all the old stuff and ballast you don`t need in your lives!
Luckily this list just came the right moment,as I`m planning on doing some spring housecleaning anyway!

Feel free to also join this project,just remember to link back at Moorea Seal,to give her credit,as she is the creative mind behind this!



  1. Great list! I should make one! I'm your newest follower via GFC ;)

    Hope you follow back at

  2. wow! need to do also a List :)



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