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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Warm your Heart with a Ratatouille-Fish Stew

Recipe for a warming stew for the cold days

On my opinion hot soups and stews are one of the best things to stay warm.Those dishes aren`t just great on a cold winter day,but also during spring time,when you need something hot after having underestimated the temperature outside and wearing an absolutely insufficient covering outfit.

Second stews are pretty much easy to make,without a lot of effort.Most of the time,I make a stew,I just threw everything inside,that I can find in my kitchen.This also makes it a good meal to reuse your leftovers.

Have I give you enough reasons,why you should try one,why I`m posting a stew recipe and why they are awesome?!

What you need:
  • 1 red pepperoni,cut into middle sized pieces
  • 1 yellow pepperoni,cut into middle sized pieces
  • 1 zucchini,cut into thin slices
  • 10 black or green olives,without stones and cut into little pieces or thin slices
  • 10 cherry tomatoes,cut into halves
  • 1 to 2 Alaskan Sea salmon fillets
  • 500g (about 15 to 20 ounces) sugo of tomatoes or tomato soup
  • 1 to 2 dill branches
  • 1 dice of vegetable broth,dissolved in a bit of water
  • rape oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 to 2 tea spoons fish broth
  • and any spices and herbs you like 

A nutritious recipe for spring,winter and autumn

Put 2 tablespoons rape oil in a pan and add all the vegetable ingredients.Steam for about 5 minutes on middle heat.Then add all the other ingredients,except the fish and cook on low heat and covered.

Heat 2 tablespoons rape oil in a frying pan.As soon as the oil is hot,add your fish fillets and bake them with the dill on every side till the outside is gold brown and the inside has a strong white color.Dab the fish fillets with a paper napkin to get rid of surplus oil and crumble the fillets into middle sized pieces.

Add the fish and the dill to your already cooking ratatouille and add all the spices and herbs you want to.I love to use a lot of spices and herbs,I can`t even name them all.
Cook for 15 to 20 minutes on low heat and covered.

Serve your ratatouille-fish stew with toasted bread and enjoy the warm feeling spreading from your stomach through your body!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Skin Care Products

My daily face care products

Lovely readers,hereby I`m going to introduce you to this very new feature,called "Inside a Bird`s Beauty Case".In this sequel I will show you all the beauty and make-up products,I`m currently using,and give you a short review on them.
As time goes on,I`m also planning on regularly adding more reviews.
I like trying new products and things from the beauty world and I love reading product reviews from other bloggers.So I thought,it would be fun,sharing my treasures with you.

The first post of this sequel is about the skin care products I start my day with.Which makes them every day companions.
Before starting I should mention,that I have dry to very dry skin,especially my face.I have very thin and pale skin,some may call it an alabaster complexion.My skin also reacts sensitive to certain skin care products,especially when they have alcohol in them.
I`m not telling you this,because I like to talk about me and my skin.The fact is,that most of the products I use are adjusted to my skin and probably wouldn`t be a good fit for a person with a different skin type.
If you have a question concerning other type of skins,feel free to ask anything you want!As this kind of goes hand in hand with my every day job,I might can help you,although I have an other skin complexion.

1.NIVEA Visage Pure Effect 3 in 1 peeling cloths

How I start my morning

I normally start my morning by washing my face with cold water and a terry towel.Afterwards I clean my face using one of those NIVEA cloths.
I have been using those little peeling and cleansing towels throughout the whole winter and they are a really good helper to keep little skin scales off your face.My skin tends to get a lot of them,as it`s very dry during the winter.The clothes are definitely softer than a face peeling and for this reason are perfect for every day use.
Anyway,I sometimes felt my skin got irritated a bit after using it every day.This may be due to the peeling effect,which my skin probably doesn`t need every single day.That`s why I bought myself the NIVEA VISAGE Pure & Natural refreshing cleansing cloths,the ones you can see above.
Going to share my opinion on this towels,when I start using them (still have to finish the other ones).

2.Garnier Bio Active moisturizing facial toner

How I get my skin ready for the day

When I used this toner for the first time,I didn`t like it at all,because of it`s weird smell.Yes,it really doesn`t smell good,but despite of that,this toner turned out to be a real keeper!
For the first time I had found a facial toner that wouldn`t dry out my skin.
Sadly I couldn`t find it in stores anymore,when I went looking for it last week!so I purchased  the NIVEA Visage Pure & Natural cleansing facial toner.
Also going to tell you more about this product,as soon I`ve tested it.

3.Garnier SkinShiner caffeine roll-on

Roll away your eye rings!

Above I already mentioned to you,that I have an alabaster skin tone,this comes together with dark eye rings,which I really don`t like.Mostly you can`t see them well,because I`m wearing glasses,but if not,I look like a vampire.For this very reason I bought this caffeine roll-on,which should reduce eye rings and eye bags.
Although I`m using it for quiet a while,I can`t really see any change.So,this product really isn`t that recommendable,or has anyone of you made good experiences with it??
To be honest,I also have to admit,that I haven`t been using it continuously,so maybe there`s still a slight chance,it actually works.

4.Louis Widmer Day Cream UV 10

The perfect skin care brand for everybody out there

It`s been a long journey until I found the perfect face cream!In the past it was normal,I had to apply my daily face cream several times,as my skin wouldn`t be satisfied with only one layer.Then I started using this face cream from Louis Widmer and I can sing a hymn on it!My mom and grandmother also use the products from their line and we are all more than happy with it!I also like,that the cream protects your skin from the sun.
I absolutely can recommend this brand to everybody in the whole world!

5.Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Replenishing Lotion with Mango Oil & Ultra-Softening Lotion with Shea Butter

How to keep your skin healty during the winter

For years I have been using Garnier Body Bodytonic,because I love the fresh citrus smell this body lotion has.Anyhow,this winter I decided to purchase a little more nourishing body lotion,as I love to take bubble baths.And we all know this dries out the skin!
So I got myself those two body lotions from Garnier for dry and very dry skin.Both lotions are really good and leave your skin very smooth during the whole day.After using it for a while,I also noticed,that my skin got softer.
I absolutely can recommend both body lotions,they kind of just differ in their smell.The mango oil lotion smells more sweeter and stronger,the Shea butter lotion has a softer and more neutral smell. 

Besides those already mentioned products,I`m a huge fan of Le Petit Marseillais shower gels,I use them all the time!

Hopefully you like this sequel and it`s first part of it and stay tuned for more products coming up!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

What I accomplished last week

Last week was one of the better ones.I kept up blogging practically every day,like I had planned since the beginning of this year and finally moved a bit forward with decorating my home.Now there`s just missing the annual spring cleaning and of course lot`s of furniture and my apartment will be ready for spring.That`s why I`m really excited to share my last week with you this time.
Did you also carry out some long wanted projects or wishes?

Our IKEA findingsMonday:
Yey!Best day of the week!
We went to IKEA and I got crazy buying a lot of decorating and glassware stuff for my apartment.Most awesome thing was,that I finally found a perfect rug for my living room.I don`t know how you feel about this,but I always get insanely happy,when I find a piece to furniture my home,that absolutely looks like I pictured it!

Me and my new rug from IKEA

I had some different ideas for my perfect rug in mind and the one I found just suited pretty well for one of those.Besides the rug,I didn`t find any furniture,but I think it`s better to take yourself some time finding perfect things,rather than just buy random furniture.

Working and sleeping like 11 hours,one of those not gonna happen anything days.

Another long working day,closed by a chilly evening at home and going to sleep early.Does spring also make you a bit tired?I think it`s supposed to be like that,as it always happens to me around this time of the year.

Working and spending way to much time watching Pretty Little Liars,resulting in a lack of sleep the next day.

went watching a movie,I was waiting for a long time

After work me and friends meet up to go at the local mall,where they have a cinema.We finally wanted to go see "OZ:The Great and Powerful".The movie turned out to be played at a later time than expected,or to say it in other words,I looked it up wrong.Silly me!
So we grabbed some dinner and payed a visit to Douglas,where I got an awesome fresh smelling lemon body peeling.
Some of you know,I have been waiting for this movie for quiet a while and I didn`t get disappointed.The OZ world is just breathtakingly beautiful,the actors are great,especially James Franco and the story is quiet funny.I really enjoyed and loved this movie,although the storyline isn`t one of the deepest,it`s still worth seeing it.

A little sneak peek on the cute things I found last week

Treated myself with some lovely shopping and then visited my parents.I bought myself some earrings,as I don`t own that much pretty ones,that I actually use.Also got myself a few new beauty products that I`m almost running out and a caviar nail set in black,which I was looking for quiet a while.On the way to my parents,I stopped by my favourite thrift store and found two lovely pieces.
Still going to share my findings more detailed soon!

Big day for me!Finally tried the caviar nail look for the first time!
And what a pleasant surprise,it wasn`t that difficult as expected.At the beginning,I thought it would be quiet hard work to do this nail style,but it isn`t and I liked how it turned out.
As I`m planning on doing a little review on this one,I won`t tell you everything yet.
Only thing left here to say is,that I still need some more practice for a nicer outcome.

Tried the caviar nail style for the first time

I know I didn`t actually do that much last week as you may have expected.But for me,those things were quiet exciting and made me feel like getting a step closer to reach my goals and resolutions!
Hopefully you had a good start into this new week and I would love to know all about how your last week was.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lovely Sunday

Some lovely things to enjoy,while spending a chilly Sunday

Today I woke up,looked out of my window and realized,it would just be the perfect day for my Lovely Sunday feature,as everything was just grey and cloudy outside!
Don`t get me wrong,spring definitely has arrived as the temperatures raised,but here it`s still cloudy and raining a lot in March.
So tell me,is there something better to do,than lying on your couch with a cozy blanket,a hot tea and browsing the web for some cute and inspirational things??
You agree with me,then start boiling your tea water,get a blanket and check out the following links.
And most important have fun and get inspired!

What helped me this week:
  1. Clean Living feature from Sincerely Kinsey,really inspiring and helpful,as I would love to make my own beauty products too.
  2. Seems like recently lifestyle bloggers are all about breakfast.I love Sunday breakfasts,so I soaked all in,like those recipes/ideas from a Beautiful Mess and Maiedae
  3. I`m a total sucker for pillows,especially in loud colours and crazy patterns.that`s why I considered this pillow talk post very helpful.If you`re looking for some new ideas to give your home a new look for this spring,check out this link!
What I newly discovered:
  1. Slowdownjoe,a lovely home furniture and decorating online shop.
  2. The new clothes added to the Revolving Style Vintage Online Shop.I just absolutely fell in love with the white dress!Wouldn`t it be the perfect wedding dress? 
  3. The GFC Blog Hop.I think it`s quiet an awesome thing to do.So,I`m actually thinking about participating too,but I`m not sure yet.
An inspiring quote from Henry Longfellow

Which blogger outfit`s I liked the most this week:
  1. Again this week,Maiedae`s outfit!I just fell in love with her cardigan and the mint dress.
  2. This lovely look from Highland Fling,inspired by the sailor look!Absolutely adore it!
  3. Belle wearing this stunning dress,which I really envy her for!
What made me smile this week:
  1. This photo just made me think about my childhood,when I was obsessed with all kinds of fairy tales!Well I still am and could go on and on about it for hours!
  2. Harley & Jane`s cute video,telling their readers a little bit about themselves!They are both so sweet and likable!
  3.  Liz`s dog wearing his scarf.He`s just so adorable with his underbite!
What made me happy this week:
  1. This love quote.
  2. Galaxy tie-dyed shoes.
  3. Making playlists with my new iPhone app iTube.
What inspired me this week:
  1. Maria sharing her lifestyle changes.Really inspiring and it may help some of you to keep up with your daily health and fitness program.
  2. Those tattoos,almost made me want one too!
  3. This quote.
Now I wish you a relaxing and refreshing Sunday.Reload your batteries for the coming week,get inspired and most important enjoy your free time!I`m off to take a bubble bath and do my nails!

DIY:Baby Boy Pillow

How to make a pillow with felt letters

For such a long time I wanted to share this DIY project with all of you.I made it in December as a Christmas gift for the cutest baby ever,my godchild
What I most loved about making this pillow,well besides seeing the face of his mother (one of my besties),when she unwrapped the gift,was that I could make it while watching TV.I enjoy those projects,that leave you with the possibility to relax at the same time.

What you need to make a pillow

Supplies needed:
  • 2 different 20 x 20 inches fabrics,of course you can also use just one fabric,then it would be a 40 x 40 inches fabric
  • pillow stuffing,I used stuffing cotton
  •  20 x 20 inches felt fabric
  • white yarn
  • baking paper
  • fabric scissors and regular scissors
  •  French chalk
  • a sewing needle
  •  Pins
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  •  a measure tape
  • a sewing machine
Of course you can adapt the measurements,fabrics and yarns as you like.

How to make a pillow by yourself

First draw a square on the baking paper in the size you want for your pillow,by using a ruler and a pencil.I wanted my pillow to be about 11 inches.When drawing your square remember to add about 1/2 to 1 inch to every side of the square for the hemline.
Then cut out your square with a regular scissor.

Pin your paper square on one of the fabrics and cut out the fabric along your template.Then repeat this step for your second piece of fabric.Now you should have two even looking squares of fabric.
Now process all the ends of the fabrics by using the zigzag stitch of your sewing machine.This will prevent the fabrics from becoming frayed.

Me making a pillow for my godchild

Pin both fabric pieces together leaving a space of 1/2 inch on every fabric end.When pinning everything together,the nice side of your fabric should be faced down.I first measured the 1/2 inch for the hemline,then I draw a line with french chalk to mark where I needed to put the pins.This also helps you when sewing the two pieces together,as you not only have the pins but also the chalk line,as a guide where to sew along.
Also pay attention to overlap the ends of the fabric exactly.
Sew the pieces together with your sewing machine using a straight stitch.It`s so much more easy,when you already made your hemline with the pins,so I really recommend you to do this.
Don`t sew it all!You need to leave a little bit of the fabric unattached,so that you can stuff your pillow.

How to make a pillow with letter felts by yourself

Cut the surplus fabric ends and turn your pillow onto it`s nice side.
Now it`s time for the felt letters.
Get some baking paper and sketch your letters in the size and form you want them to be and cut them out.

Tutorial on How I made a Baby Boy pillow for my godchild

Pin the letters on the felt fabric and cut out around the sides of your letter templates.
Now you already have your felt letter done,only have to sew them on!

Pin the felt letters on your pillow and sew them on.I did this by hand as I wanted my pillow to have this kind of rustic vibe.I did every stitch three times,to give the stitches a thicker look.

This is the final step!
Fill your pillow with your stuffing,until it has the softness or hardness you`re looking for.Then sew together the little gap you left open to stuff it.I did this by hand,but you can also do it with your sewing machine.

Ta da!That`s about it!
Hope you liked this little DIY project.Maybe you can find somebody to give this to,like I did or you just enjoy your self made pillow all by yourself!
Oh,I almost forgot!
If you have any detailed questions on this DIY don`t hesitate and ask by leaving a comment.And if there is any need for further explications and tutorials just tell me,of course also by leaving a comment and I will do some sewing tutorials on this!


PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures,but I made this project at night,that`s why! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Wishlist

My March wishlist
1.sweet spring/summer dress with stripes, 2.cupcake cookbook, 3.vintage world map for my living room wall, 4.bunny head,as decoration for my sawing bust, 5.fancy bag with stripes.

Hey there it`s spring and I don`t know how many times I have mentioned that already,but probably enough to pretty much annoy you all!
Anyway,as the weather hopefully changes soon,I`m all into refreshing my closet and my home with new things and colours.Although I have to admit,this list is mainly claimed by new wardrobe,rather than furniture and decoration.
Oh and I absolutely want to stock up my still very little collection of cookbooks!

Some Things I wish for this March
 6.cake pops cookbook, 7.vintage toy car to give my house some spring vibe, 8.Ethno-looking leggings, 9.Black & white striped dress, 10.golden skull earrings
Hope you enjoy checking out my wishlist and maybe even get some inspiration of it.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

52 List: Places to go to

List fever has taken the power over me!You may have already guessed by my previous blog post.As I spotted Moorea Seal`s project already three weeks ago and missed 2 lists,I thought,"Hey!Why not doing those ones too,even though delayed". 

By the way it`s an excellent reason to make another list.Particularly as I`m totally obsessed with the topic of this one,which is "Places you want to go to".Only thinking about this list made me all jittery.There are so many places I would love to visit and see,for that it was such a blast creating this list!

I hope you like this project as much as I do and maybe start participating too!Or at least tell my about your places to go to,by leaving a comment!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

52 List:Spring Cleansing

A list about all the things to do to clean out your life and home for this spring

The 52 list is a project started by Moorea Seal,which I spotted over at Harley & Jane,a blog,who`s lovely writers also are participating.
I instantly fell for this project and the idea behind.Well,I also have to admit,I`m kind of the biggest list maker ever!Yes,yes nerdy me,I know.But I really enjoy making lists and I consider them very useful to better organize my life.So,no wonder,I got hooked up right away!

The first 52 list I`m taking is about all the things you want to do,to cleanse out your life.With Spring having just arrived,we can hear it shouting from everywhere,it`s time to clean out your life,your relationship,your home or whatever you need to clean.Time to get rid off all the old stuff and ballast you don`t need in your lives!
Luckily this list just came the right moment,as I`m planning on doing some spring housecleaning anyway!

Feel free to also join this project,just remember to link back at Moorea Seal,to give her credit,as she is the creative mind behind this!


Monday, March 18, 2013

My Last Week in Pictures

All about my last week

There was no "My Last Week in Pictures post" to be found here the past week,which is mainly due to the fact,that I worked every single day last week and that one of our best friends,who is living abroad,payed a surprise visit!
So we spent the past week and parts of this week hanging out,eating a lot of delicious food and talking.Just like the old times,when we were all together.

Love eating Pizza

Oh and very important,I spotted the first snowdrops invading my parent`s garden!YEY!Spring officially arrived now! 

Spotted the first spring messenger

Just absolutely had to make a brunch,as long as our friend still was here!So Monday started with a delicious,starchy breakfast and a lot of girl talk.Ended the day with just being lazy,lying in bed and resting.

Turned out quiet different as imagined,as I spontaneously decided to take the following 3 days off.Lucky me!
Spent the whole day with a big smile on my face!That`s what life is worth living for,those little,unpredictable moments,that can just lighten up your day.

Almost traditional,Wednesday lunch at my parent`s home.I always enjoy spending some quality time with my mom and dad.Later that night,we took our friend to the airport as she was leaving again.On our way home,we stopped by at Mr.Wong and got ourselves some Asian food.Till this very moment,I have been a Mr.Wong virgin!

Anyone tempted to take a replenishing nap?

What is it about always getting sick,when you got yourself some days off?
Likely seems to happen to me and other people I know.
Thursday I woke up feeling sick.So much about me being already sure having survived this cold season without a flue!I spent the whole day lying in bed,feeling sorry for myself,which is kind of a nice thing to do,when your sick.

Woke up feeling better,but in the course of the day,I got worse again.So another doing nothing but resting to support my immune system.At least I had some time to catch up on all the blogs I haven`t had time to read.

My fridge at the beginning of a week

Taking advantage of my improved health,by cleaning my apartment,doing laundry and grocery shopping with my mom.Later that day,I started preparing the bagels and the bacon butter plaid for my first Eastern brunch.Calling it like that,as I am planning on doing another even more epic one!

Finished cleaning my apartment and setting everything for the brunch.We had a lovely time,ate a lot and it`s always nice to spend time with your friends.
Sorry for being sentimental!

Who`s in for some Easter brunch,then check out this feast

PS: Sorry for all those clothes hanging on the radiator in the back,but I still haven`t managed to buy a rack to hang my wet clothes. 

That`s it about my last week.And what happened in your life last week??Don`t hesitate and tell me all about it!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lovely Sunday

My every Sunday post on my weekly findings

Today`s Lovely Sunday post,is gonna be extra special!
Actually I thought it would be nice to double this week`s content of this feature.Just to give you a little recompense,as I missed posting one last week.

What made me happy this week:
  1.  Tea for Two lookbook.All those pastel colours are just amazing!
  2.  Peaches & Spring colours.Oh,this just makes me want peach season right now!
  3.  I`m a total sucker for details,like this adorable spring arrangement.
  4. Browsing Ikea online for hours the whole weekend.
  5. This sweet Irish mantel,just perfect for St.Patrick`s Day!
  6. Heart shaped baking tin,my favorite Ikea piece.Don`t you think the color is just lovely?!
What inspired me this week:
  1. Alexandra Valenti`s Art photography.Those pictures are just breathtaking!
  2. Enjoy Cupcakes,their work is so inspirational!
  3. This quote from Albert Einstein.It got me thinking a lot,and by the end of the day,I think we all have to admit,that he was right.
  4. I`m still in the middle of a huge decoration process for my apartment,which I`m almost living in for a year and haven`t finished at all.Sometimes this frustrates me and Maiedae`s thoughts about this issue,really inspired and helped me!
  5. Interior Inspiration feature from Design is mine.
  6. Lovely dreamcatcher DIY project.Now I just want one too!
What made me smile this week:
  1. They sell Swiss Chocolate Milk in Shanghai!This just made my day!
  2. Everybody will agree with me on the fact that love is beautiful,right?!Check out this him&her post and I promise,it will leave you with a big smile.
  3. Blue French Bulldog puppy!Just made my heart melt!
  4. Ever heard about make-up dealers?I didn`t until I read this funny story!
  5. Aren`t those birds cute?
  6. Cat ears to wear.
Quote of the week

What blogger outfits I liked the most this week:
  1. Some Bohemian Love & Sweater Time.
  2. The proof,parkas and parrots totally work!
  3. Belle`s black & red outfit and Ginger`s romantic lace look.
  4. LuciaY rocking vintage Tee`s.
  5. This outfit is one of my favourites!
  6. Who doesn`t like scallops and polka dots?!
What helped me this week:
  1. Hair tutorial with 20 different hair styles.
  2. This article about lifestyle photography.
  3. All about gel eyeliner.I`m all in for trying it too now!
  4. Tutorial on ombre nails.
  5. How to lighten your room.
  6.  Hair bow tutorial.
 What I newly discovered this week:
  1. Professional looking eyeshadow palettes.More accurately,this isn`t a totally new discovery,I just had totally forgotten about wanting to try it!
  2. Sweets & Jewelry!
  3. New Etsy vintage shop.
  4. Grooveshark,thanks to those lovely two ladies.
Hope you`re okay with the extent of this week`s Lovely Sunday and you liked my findings!
Read you soon!


Crime meets Love or My March Reading List

A great book about Crime and Love

Unbelievable,but yet again it`s time for a new reading list.
At this very moment I have to say,this resolution is the only one,I`ve managed to continuously keeping up and pull through.Although reading one book a month is quiet an easy task,but I`m happy anyway!And of course I`m not going to give up on my other resolutions.

Getting back to the main topic,which the post actually is about,the book on my March reading list is from Jennifer Apodaca,an American writer,and is called "The Sex on the Beach Book Club".I found this book in sale for only 7.95.- at a local supermarket!

I`m approximately half through with the book,and without revealing too much,there`s quiet a mysterious crime,a lot of sexual tension and an even stronger female protagonist going on.
Can I guess?I think in the end it will all result in love!

Reading what I wrote,this may sound a little Fifty Shades of Grey meets Criminal Minds alike!I can assure you this is not the case!But as I already said,I don`t want to tell you too much yet!

Did I arouse your curiosity?Then stay tuned for my review on this book at the end of March or just buy "The Sex on the Beach Book Club".


Wanna follow?

Where to follow me after GR

I know this is old news and most of you may already know,Google Reader is shutting down.
For those of you,who still would like to follow me,you can find my blog on bloglovin.

My blog also has a twitter and a facebook page,where the latest blog posts are featured!
All those of you,who use google+,I also have an account there,which also gets updated with the newest posts frequently.

Of course you can follow me by clicking on the buttons at the right side of my blog,but just to make it easier for you,here are the links.




Please be gentle with my social network pages,as they aren`t yet customized and properly established.Still working on that!
In the future,I may be also planning to get active on pinterest,instagram and tumblr,but as I said all this is a time taking process and not done over night,so I hope you are patient!


Happy St.Patrick`s Day

Tell me about your holiday traditions

Today is St.Patrick`s Day and I hope you guys celebrate a lot and enjoy this holiday!

Honestly,if it weren`t for all of the lovely bloggers in this world,I probably wouldn`t even have known that this holiday is about to arrive,as we don`t celebrate it!
So you know me,I`m curious!Please tell me how you celebrate this traditional Irish holiday?What do you usually do on St.Patrick`s Day!And even more important,what do you eat on this special day??
And yes,I already know it involves a lot of green and 3 leave clovers!But that`s sadly kind of it!So I`m definitely looking forward to learn more about this festive!

xoxo and a happy St.Patrick`s Day

Cloudy February

Looking back on February 2013

It`s time for a look back on my last month and yes,I`m totally aware that this post title may sound a little depressive and dark moody.But don`t judge by first impressions!In fact this February wasn`t bad at all,I just felt it could have been a little more productive,as I was kind of in the mood of doing nothing all the time!This also may have been due to the weather,as February was quiet cold,grey and TA TA cloudy.

My February food:
Being one of those persons,always shivering and freezing during winter,I don`t want to miss food that warms you up from the insight.I love the warm and pleasant feeling spreading from your stomach through your whole body,when eating a hot soup or stew.So this is what dominated my table this month,besides dishes with green beans and salads.

My February drink: 

What I love to drink

Grapefruit definitely was my every day beverage this February,besides some attempts on banana-kiwi smoothies/milkshakes,that still need some improvement.

My Best February moments:
Busy,that`s what I would call this last month of mine.Besides being lazy and working a lot,there wasn`t a lot going on.Probably that`s the reason why I really enjoyed Wednesday lunch's at my parent`s home and going grocery shopping with my mom on Saturdays.I also really enjoyed the one evening,I had most of my nearest friends over for diner.It was so much fun,especially when they started to get dressed up.I just had to take a photo of them in their costumes! 
What to wear on carnival

(Side info: We celebrate carnival every February here to see off the winter and welcome the spring.Although I sympathize with the idea behind the festive,I`m not a huge fan of it,as I don`t like guggen music and always freeze too much being outside the whole time.Yes,I know,I`m a party pooper!)
This February also featured my goodbye diner with my old co-workers,which was kind of delayed too,as I already stopped working there in December.Ha,ha what a surprise right?Anyway,we had a lovely evening eating pasta at a local restaurant and I couldn`t believe my eyes,when I saw the goodbye present they gave me.A zalando voucher!Aren`t they awesome??!
Lastly wouldn`t want to miss the chilly Sunday and quality time we spent at my best friend`s and mother of my godchild`s house!Talked to you about that here.

My February thrifting treasures:
Actually,I wanted to show you these earlier,but have I mentioned,that I had a busy February?Anyway,here`s what I found doing some thrift shopping last month.

What you can find in thrift stores

I especially love the dark green cardigan and the black-white sweater,because they are both so cozy and warming,as they are made of wool.The turquoise sweater isn`t that big of a unique piece I know,but every woman needs basics and is just perfect for work.I spent a total of 18.- on those three pieces,which is quiet a bargain!

My February shopping treasures:
Stocking up my beauty and make-up supplies was one of the main goals for this February,first because I got a set of brand new make-up brushes as a Christmas present.Second because this was a much needed thing to do.Here`s what I purchased.
Newest beauty products I purchased
Face mask I`m using at the moment

Of course there are still missing a bunch of necessary supplies and tons of unnecessary ones,but for the moment I`m happy with what I got.You might be looking for the specific names of the products and the brands,but be patient!I`m planning to make a separate post about all the products.
Besides beauty shopping I found some SALE bargains at H&M,which I wrote about here,and the cutest french bully ring in the world,mentioned here.

My February music playlist:

February Playlist by abirdsdailylife on Grooveshark  

My February movies/series:
Honestly I was so lazy this last month,I swear I thought I would manage to at least watch a bunch of good films,but as you may have already guessed,I didn`t.Hopefully this will be different next month.Although I have to admit watching Pretty Little Liars totally made up for all the movies I didn`t watch.Still is my favorite TV show at this very moment!

My February book:
The Way to a woman`s heart from Christina Jones.
Check out the introduction and my review on the book.

My February DIY:
Somehow embarrassing,considering what I all had planned for last month.The only DIY project I pulled off this February were some gold and silver spray painted vases.

What I made this Feburary

Going to share a precise tutorial on how I did these soon.

I hope you lovely readers all had a wonderful February and it`s almost unbelievable March is already half through too!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

or what was going on in my life

Guys,I know I already posted Lovely Sunday yesterday,but I wanted to keep up my agenda and also share Last Week in Pictures.So,yes today is a bit of a blogging overload,but I have to take advantage of my motivation to keep up with my weekly plan.

Don`t laugh,because this sound nerdy.Ha ha!I know it is,but I needed something to keep up with everything and be more organized!I hope this helps!Enough for that!

Here`s what happened in my life last week:


Well,well this day started with having a dentist appointment,needles involved.But it wasn`t that bad,as imagined!After that,of course,I had to reward myself with some shopping.

Found these lovely things,all from H&M.
what treasures you can find when shopping at H&M

What you find when looking for something to reward yourself

And later that day,I baked some cupcakes,I already hat made for my best friends birthday,I wrote about here.This time I tried it with a different topping and it did turn out quiet good.Although I still need some more practice at making cute looking toppings.


Well as I made 4 different sorts of cupcakes,they needed to be spread.I`m sure you agree with me,that I can`t eat 12 cupcakes all by myself.So I brought them to work and after work I also went to my friends and parents houses to give them some.


Working,coming home late and spending the evening blogging,thats what I did this day!Sorry,that`s the naked truth,nothing exciting happened!


Some lovely hang out with friends after work and going to sleep early,as I was so tired from work.


This will rock your world!

After work,I decided to update and reorganize my laptop!Yes,really boring I know,but it has to be done from time to time,and I have to say I don`t do it as often as I should!So,when I finally pull it through,it always takes hours!


Probably the laziest day of the week,spent it starting my March book,reading fashion magazines and watching Pretty Little Liars!


My favorite day of last week!We went visiting my godchild and his lovely mummy and one of my best friends!We had a lovely day,ate yummy snacks and laughed a lot!
Oh and this is what I wore this day! 

How I styled my new treasures from H&M

I hope you all had a wonderful and nice week and as always,I would love it,if you told me about it!