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Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Last January Week in Pictures

All about my last week this January

This week wasn`t mine,I felt quiet uninspired and unmotivated.I felt like having no drive at all,you may be familiar with this sort of mood.It happens to me from time to time and I`m still learning to not get defeated by it.
That`s why I took myself a time out,spending this week with shopping,some old fashioned TV time,reading and a cozy fondue night with my besties.
The time out resulted in being a cleansing treat for my lack of motivation.Today I woke up full of incitement!

So overall this week was pretty much about pampering myself,which turned out to be quiet a neat thing! :)

Here are my shopping purchases:

What I bough myself this week
this weeks treat: Home decor shopping

I found some lovely decor objects for my home and also bought a few supplies for my next DIY projects. 
Who doesn`t agree with me,that shopping is one of the best ways to indulge yourself?!

Best soul food ever: Banana Almond Cereals

Here`s what food lightened up my mood this week

I spent the whole week eating this!It`s so delicious and aren`t sweets just the best treatment for your soul?!

But I didn`t only had to spoil myself alone.My mom got me this beautiful orchid,as she was kind of feeling bad for me.And my best friend got me two cute cupcake shaped wardrobe hooks.I forgot them at work,that`s why I can`t show them to you!

A present that my mom gave me

I thought it was quiet a funny coincidence,as I also bought tons of hooks this week.

I hope this wasn`t too boring!
What do you do when you feel uninspired or unmotivated?I would really love to know!




  1. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want :)
    xoxo Gloria

  2. Your Orchid is beautiful! I love the colours. Everything I go to Ikea I buy an Orchid and kill it in a number of days, makes me so sad! I hope yours survives!

    Em x


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