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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lovely Sunday

Check out what inspired me this week

Finally,this week,I have another Lovely Sunday post in store for you.
Hope you enjoy it!

What was helpful this week:
  1. This conversion tables.They helped me understand all the different measurements in foreign recipes.
  2. Who is already looking at the spring section of their favorite online shops?This blog post features some lovely things,we might need this spring season!
  3. Nail art is a  neat thing,if you`re asking me!I love unique and cute nail looks and if you do too,check out this nail tutorial and this one.
What made me happy this week:
  1. This Good Morning post.Read it and I guarantee you,it will make your day!
  2. Looking at my French Bully ring from Me + Zena.Sorry,if I`m boring you with this one,but I`m just absolutely in love with it!
  3. These spring color inspired photos are so beautiful and they made me want spring even more.Can`t wait for it to arrive!
  4. And what comes after spring?Summer,duh!Summer is my favorite season of the year,not only because it`s hot and chilly outside and you can wear all your cute stuff,but also because my birthday falls into this season.So of course,I was in high spirits,when I saw these pictures,mentioned here.
What inspired me this week:
  1. This handwritten gift wrapping paper,found on this blog post.
  2. When I saw this music video,or to specify,the shorts worn by the girl in the clip,a DIY idea popped up in my head!
  3. My home still needs more green and this plant box inspired me on new ways,how to arrange them.
citing Pablo Neruda

What made me smile this week:
  1. Smiley Lemonade,makes me happy,only looking at it!
  2. This funny Tumblr photo.
  3. Best pick up line ever,ha ha! :)
Blogger outfits I loved the most this week:
  1. This cute outfit from Fashion Monger is just so adorable!I totally love it,especially the edgy look the sneakers give the outfit.
  2. I love the sophisticated and,at the same time.totally stylish look from Adora Mehitabel.This outfit is just perfect with a touch of preppy!Amazing! 
  3. Wow,this outfit from Highland Fling is breathtaking!
What I newly discovered this week:
  1. I read about the 52 list project on this blog and I definitely want to start taking these lists!
  2. This cute and lovely blog,thanks to design is mine.
  3. Masa & John Etsy shop.They have a bunch of nice vintage clothes!
That`s about it for this weeks Lovely Sunday!
I wish you all good start into the new week and remember,if you do have thoughts,ideas or inspirations on your own,feel free to write about them by leaving a comment.


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