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Monday, February 25, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

For once I got great fashion lecture

I know,"This Week in Pictures" normally are published on Sunday,but I decided to turn them into "Last Week in Pictures" posts.It seems like a good choice to me,as this feature won`t get in the way of the "Lovely Sunday" posts anymore.I think both features deserve their day.
I hope this is ok for you?

Still reading?
So here`s what went down in my life last week!

Ufff!Tax time!Spent the day scratching together all the documents needed!
After pulling off this boring duty,I rewarded myself with a nice bubble bath and a little spa program.
I loved the scent of this fizzy bath tablet,it made me feel like walking through a spruce forest!

Want to know how it feels walking through a spruce forest?

Oh and having an old work friend over after work.That much for the word work!
We drank pear juice and laughed a lot!
And yes this sounds nerdy,I know!

Healty drink

Pretty Little Liars Night!
Don`t have nothing more to say,except maybe,that I want to know who A is!!
For those of you who don`t get it,start watching it!

Tried my new strawberry red lipstick for the first time.Well actually I think they call it lip tint,as they look like felt pens!Gonna show it to you in a later post.
But for now,I can say,that I love how convertible this colour is.I wore it at work and also at night,when I went out for a drink with my former university colleagues and it was perfect for both occasions.

Strawberry for your lips

Oh and sorry for the grumpy face,ha ha!

Baking delicious leek pie with my dear friend Tabitha.Well she baked it,I made the dishes,ha ha!
And sorry there is no photo,I totally forgot taking one.I guess I just was too hungry!

Did the laundry till 10:00 PM!Yes,unbelievable right?
As the dryer wasn`t working for quiet a while and it just was too cold to hang your laundry outside,I had quiet a pile of clothes to wash!
And no there won`t be any pictures of my dirty laundry!
Besides that,I did my weekly grocery shopping,this time with my lovely mom.

A cute wave hairstyle

Took myself some time and tried this new hairstyle,as well as some new make-up products,I got a few weeks ago.Going to tell you more about this in a later post.
Sunday also was Friend day,I spent the afternoon and evening visiting my best friends.I arrived home with about 20 fashion magazines,which Sandra gave me!
Thanks again to her for keeping me up to date in terms of fashion!

Some lecture every girl should read

 That`s about it for my week!And how was yours?



  1. You are welcome my love hihi thats our deal:) ps i like your lipstick looks really cute :) sandra

    1. Thank you hun for your sweet comment and that you`re always reading my blog!


    2. Sure i love your blog:)
      See you soon

  2. Sounds like an eventful week! Mine was filled with boring homework and work. FUN! Not. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. I love your yellow shirt with studded collar!!!
    what are think about my blog?Take a look here or here: and if you like it,follow it please!

  4. Pear juice?! That seems interesting! Might have a look for that.

    Also, does your shirt have poodles on it? That's pretty great!

    E x

  5. That jacket with the poodles on it is just too cute!
    Jillian -


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