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Thursday, February 7, 2013

If You Think It`s Gingerbread Latte....

my attempt on Gingerbread Latte

Yes,I know,I already told you this was my favourite beverage last month.Just a little reminder :)!
Of course I still drink and love it,but as I am a person,who always likes to try new Latte tastes,I never stay along with the same flavour for a long time.

Whilst looking for a new favourite flavour,I wanted to share this recipe with you.I found it online,when I was searching for a Starbucks taste-a-like Gingerbread Latte and I just had to try it.

My Gingerbread Latte replacement

I first made it for the Christmas feast at my home,which I wrote about here.
To be honest with you right away,it didn`t taste like the real Gingerbread Latte at all,but it was pretty good anyway.

You definitely should try this one,especially if you like your coffee sweetened up!
By doubling up the amount,l got rewarded with yummy coffee for like one week.If you`re also planning to store it,like me,then remember to put it in the fridge!

Lovely coffee smelling 


  1. This looks so mouth watering! Even though it is freezing outside I would totally eat this right now. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. I need to try this. I go broke around Christmas from Starbucks's holiday drinks alone!


  3. I don't like coffee but I'm not gonna lie-this sounds pretty good :)


  4. I literally love anything with ginger in it! Although just the flavour, because I hate eating ginger itself. Gingerbread lattes are delicious

  5. Yum, woo yh h&m tights. They go with so much and keep my legs warmiish xxx


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