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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Wishlist

Things to wish for
1.cute mint slippers, Eau de Toilette ever: Miss Dior Chérie, 3.romantic,vintage looking dress, 4.little dream of mine: vintage butterfly collection, 5.collectors book box Pretty Little Liars,absolutely need to read them

The second month of the year is almost over and I have not even showed you what I wish for this February.

The first and most important thing,which I hope for,is for spring to finally arrive!Want it so badly and I may be going crazy,when I see sprout the first snowdrops and crocus!

So don`t wonder,this wishlist is a bit fashion heavy.but I`m already dreaming about what to wear,when it gets warmer.

What do you wish for this month?Did you fulfill yourself a dream or just got something you were wishing for a long time?
Tell me all about it,I love reading your comments!


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