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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Book Review:One You Should Read

more about Christina Jone`s book

Hey there dear book friends and readers of my blog!
Today I`m sharing my promised review on „The Way to a Woman`s Heart“ from Christina Jones with you.
After presenting you the book as my lecture for this month here,I got that excited about reading it,that I finished it the same day!

Long story,short term,let`s move forward to the review.Right away I have to say,this book isn`t one of the deep,complicated ones,which challenges your mind.I mean the story is quiet simple and after reading a bit you kind of can already imagine how it`s going to end,particularly if you`re into this kind of genre,like I am.
Anyway,this doesn`t have to be a bad thing,it just depends on how the author makes up for the simplicity of the story.
And I have to admit „The Way to a Woman`s Heart“ doesn`t lack any of it!

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Christina Jones mixes a simple love story with a lot of weird - in a funny kind of way - situations,moments and misunderstandings.Then she adds a bit of magic and it turns out in such a sweet story!I also give her a plus for involving a lot of cooking in the book!

All the main characters are really lovely too,the distracted Poll,the sweet and friendly Ella,yes even the crazy Trixie,who believes in fairies.While reading,I especially fell in love with Poll.She`s so funny and you just have to like her,only for her underwear moment!:)
As I said,they are all lovely,I just wish,Ella had a little more self-confidence and wouldn`t get everything wrong.It almost seemed as she wanted to misinterpret!

At the end I`m absolutely happy with my February book choice and I think it`s definitely worth reading!
So if any of you is still searching for new lecture,you should read this one!

Stay tuned to see what I`m going to read in March.



  1. I can't wait to read it:) sandra

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment and following, we really appreciate it! We´re following you back! =)

    I looooove to read so I´m gonna check this book out! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm very curious about the book. Thanks for sharing.



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