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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Exhausting Week in Pictures

what happened or better said didn`t happend this week

The title says it all!
I spent the whole week working,arriving at home tired and drained in the evening.So pretty much anything that I wanted to do,was take a shower,eat something and throw myself onto the couch to watch some episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

That`s why sadly I don`t have that much to share with you,besides my this weeks nail color!

sharing my favorite nail polish brand

I fell in love with this color like two years ago and still adore it.The one I use is Ultimate Nail Lacquer from Catrice.It is color number 11 called Miss Piggy`s BF.
You should definitely try this one or just any one you like,because this brand is great!

Well as my week was quiet boring,I hope you can tell me some exciting things about your week!
Oh!And please tell me about your favorite nail color!



  1. thanks for the comment on my blog! great pics!

  2. Great!! Love your nailpolishes! :D

  3. I think the name alone "Miss Piggy's BF" has sold me on that nail varnish. That is so much better than candy apple and tropical dream.

    Em x

  4. I love your mint polish!! This is a wonderful post and I simply love your blog. I will definitey be following you on bloglovin. xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. Hop on over to Lynn and Lou to win a $50 gift card!!

  5. Sorry to hear this week has been so tiring :) I hope you had time to relax over the weekend. I love the green ploish.


  6. Love the green Nail Polish :)


  7. lovely nails!these photos are amazing :D

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  8. Wishing you a more relax and fun following week!

  9. If you're feeling drained, I'd recommend meditation! It totally works wondersssssssss and will leave you feeling blissful!

    Your nail polish is so cute! I work with my hands, so I can never get a manicure! My nails only last a good hour before the paint chips off!

    I hope next week is more relaxing and less exhausting for you! :D


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