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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cozy January

Taking a look back on this January

Unbelievable the first month of this new year already went by.Time is just running so fast,don`t you think?It really didn`t seem like a month to me.
That`s probably also due to the fact,that I was really busy!But besides that,January absolutely was filled with a lot of joyful moments with my family and friends and cozy staying at home evenings.

I would like to give you a little review on my January with all the stuff and moments that made it special to me.

My January beverage: Christmas flavoured Latte

what I drank a lot this winter

It`s so good and my personal favourite,since they don`t sell Gingerbread Latte anymore.Gonna share it with you in details soon,so stay tuned!

My January family moments:
This January we celebrated my dad`s birthday and I had my grandparents over for a Sunday coffee small ring.We had an awesome time on both days and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my beloved ones.

My January food: Pears,Bananas and Lavender

I never really was a friend of pears and bananas always bored me,as I had eaten a lot of them in the past.But this month,while trying to eat more fruits,I kind of started to like them again.They were present at my menu plan,practically every day this January.
As for Lavender,I never had tried it before as a food and Emma`s post about lavender ice cream inspired me to do some experimenting on my own.

My January shopping treasures:

What I found at local thrift stores this month

Thrift shopping is the best!I found these cute tweed jackets,this clutch and vase at a local thrift store and believe me they were a bargain!
I also purchased this two blouses from zalando.And I absolutely love to wear them.

Two lovely black blouses from zalando 
My January event:
This probably would be celebrating my best friend`s birthday,well it definitely was!We had so much fun all together.It was such a delightful evening!
But of course I also enjoyed all the other moments with my dearest friends!Best dinning nights ever!

My January DIY project:

Scapbook we made ourselfs for our best friend

You maybe want to guess this one,as I was talking about it on and on for the whole January!
Got it?Yes,it`s the scrapbook we made as a gift for our January Birthday Girl.

My January TV program:
I didn`t really had much time to watch TV in January.Besides of that,Lost got me a little bored and I needed a pause.Which I bridged over watching The Big Bang Theory,the best show ever!

My January playlist:

This is what I listened to this January.
That`s about it!Except maybe,that I am happy and still motivated to keep up with my resolutions for 2013.

How was your January?I hope as cozy and beautiful as mine!
Tell me all about it!


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