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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review on "The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own"

mi opinion on this lectureOne of my new years resolutions is to read a book every month.I already introduced you to my January reading list in this post.And I`m happy to announce,that I accomplished my goal for the first month.

How many clothes does a woman actually need?
You may have asked yourself this question after buying like the tenth pair of jeans?!Or after searching hours for a specific dress in your bursting closet?!
To sum up,a lot of women and probably even more desperate boyfriends,asked themselves this question.

I for my part think, a girl never can have enough clothes.But there`s the catch!
What do you actually do with a closet full of unique and special pieces,if you don`t have anything to combine with?

And here`s where this book results to be a great help.It narrows it down to the most important basics a woman should own.Whilst reading the book,I simultaneously made a list of the pieces,that I considered useful.
What I most liked about practically all the 100 items the author choose: they are timeless!
None of them will be a mispurchase,as women all over the world have been wearing them for years.

loved Ruben Toledos drawings

The book per se is written in a funny and kind of easy way to read.The individual entries about the different pieces are kept short and alphabetically sorted.This makes it pretty simple to find the things you`re looking for.
The author Nina Garcia,who was a fashion director at Elle,not only talks about the most important pieces,she also shares her favorite brands,explains how to wear different pieces,reveals the best materials,etc.,etc.

Besides of that,the book is filled with a lot of cute and stylish illustrations,made by Ruben Toledo,which I really liked.The book wouldn`t be the same without them!

There is just one thing,that wasn`t quiet mine!A lot of brands and products,that are mentioned,are high price or even luxury.The book kind of deals in another money sphere than I do.

Overall it`s a good reading choice and it helped me to get clear about,what my wardrobe really needs!
I definitely recommend this book to every fashionista!It`s also a good diversion on a flight or bus journey,as you can finish it within a few hours!

Have a nice reading time and I`ll be back soon with my February reading list!




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