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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Book Review:One You Should Read

more about Christina Jone`s book

Hey there dear book friends and readers of my blog!
Today I`m sharing my promised review on „The Way to a Woman`s Heart“ from Christina Jones with you.
After presenting you the book as my lecture for this month here,I got that excited about reading it,that I finished it the same day!

Long story,short term,let`s move forward to the review.Right away I have to say,this book isn`t one of the deep,complicated ones,which challenges your mind.I mean the story is quiet simple and after reading a bit you kind of can already imagine how it`s going to end,particularly if you`re into this kind of genre,like I am.
Anyway,this doesn`t have to be a bad thing,it just depends on how the author makes up for the simplicity of the story.
And I have to admit „The Way to a Woman`s Heart“ doesn`t lack any of it!

Do you love funny and romantic books,check this review
Christina Jones mixes a simple love story with a lot of weird - in a funny kind of way - situations,moments and misunderstandings.Then she adds a bit of magic and it turns out in such a sweet story!I also give her a plus for involving a lot of cooking in the book!

All the main characters are really lovely too,the distracted Poll,the sweet and friendly Ella,yes even the crazy Trixie,who believes in fairies.While reading,I especially fell in love with Poll.She`s so funny and you just have to like her,only for her underwear moment!:)
As I said,they are all lovely,I just wish,Ella had a little more self-confidence and wouldn`t get everything wrong.It almost seemed as she wanted to misinterpret!

At the end I`m absolutely happy with my February book choice and I think it`s definitely worth reading!
So if any of you is still searching for new lecture,you should read this one!

Stay tuned to see what I`m going to read in March.


February Wishlist

Things to wish for
1.cute mint slippers, Eau de Toilette ever: Miss Dior Chérie, 3.romantic,vintage looking dress, 4.little dream of mine: vintage butterfly collection, 5.collectors book box Pretty Little Liars,absolutely need to read them

The second month of the year is almost over and I have not even showed you what I wish for this February.

The first and most important thing,which I hope for,is for spring to finally arrive!Want it so badly and I may be going crazy,when I see sprout the first snowdrops and crocus!

So don`t wonder,this wishlist is a bit fashion heavy.but I`m already dreaming about what to wear,when it gets warmer.

What do you wish for this month?Did you fulfill yourself a dream or just got something you were wishing for a long time?
Tell me all about it,I love reading your comments!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

For once I got great fashion lecture

I know,"This Week in Pictures" normally are published on Sunday,but I decided to turn them into "Last Week in Pictures" posts.It seems like a good choice to me,as this feature won`t get in the way of the "Lovely Sunday" posts anymore.I think both features deserve their day.
I hope this is ok for you?

Still reading?
So here`s what went down in my life last week!

Ufff!Tax time!Spent the day scratching together all the documents needed!
After pulling off this boring duty,I rewarded myself with a nice bubble bath and a little spa program.
I loved the scent of this fizzy bath tablet,it made me feel like walking through a spruce forest!

Want to know how it feels walking through a spruce forest?

Oh and having an old work friend over after work.That much for the word work!
We drank pear juice and laughed a lot!
And yes this sounds nerdy,I know!

Healty drink

Pretty Little Liars Night!
Don`t have nothing more to say,except maybe,that I want to know who A is!!
For those of you who don`t get it,start watching it!

Tried my new strawberry red lipstick for the first time.Well actually I think they call it lip tint,as they look like felt pens!Gonna show it to you in a later post.
But for now,I can say,that I love how convertible this colour is.I wore it at work and also at night,when I went out for a drink with my former university colleagues and it was perfect for both occasions.

Strawberry for your lips

Oh and sorry for the grumpy face,ha ha!

Baking delicious leek pie with my dear friend Tabitha.Well she baked it,I made the dishes,ha ha!
And sorry there is no photo,I totally forgot taking one.I guess I just was too hungry!

Did the laundry till 10:00 PM!Yes,unbelievable right?
As the dryer wasn`t working for quiet a while and it just was too cold to hang your laundry outside,I had quiet a pile of clothes to wash!
And no there won`t be any pictures of my dirty laundry!
Besides that,I did my weekly grocery shopping,this time with my lovely mom.

A cute wave hairstyle

Took myself some time and tried this new hairstyle,as well as some new make-up products,I got a few weeks ago.Going to tell you more about this in a later post.
Sunday also was Friend day,I spent the afternoon and evening visiting my best friends.I arrived home with about 20 fashion magazines,which Sandra gave me!
Thanks again to her for keeping me up to date in terms of fashion!

Some lecture every girl should read

 That`s about it for my week!And how was yours?


Lovely Sunday

Check out what inspired me this week

Finally,this week,I have another Lovely Sunday post in store for you.
Hope you enjoy it!

What was helpful this week:
  1. This conversion tables.They helped me understand all the different measurements in foreign recipes.
  2. Who is already looking at the spring section of their favorite online shops?This blog post features some lovely things,we might need this spring season!
  3. Nail art is a  neat thing,if you`re asking me!I love unique and cute nail looks and if you do too,check out this nail tutorial and this one.
What made me happy this week:
  1. This Good Morning post.Read it and I guarantee you,it will make your day!
  2. Looking at my French Bully ring from Me + Zena.Sorry,if I`m boring you with this one,but I`m just absolutely in love with it!
  3. These spring color inspired photos are so beautiful and they made me want spring even more.Can`t wait for it to arrive!
  4. And what comes after spring?Summer,duh!Summer is my favorite season of the year,not only because it`s hot and chilly outside and you can wear all your cute stuff,but also because my birthday falls into this season.So of course,I was in high spirits,when I saw these pictures,mentioned here.
What inspired me this week:
  1. This handwritten gift wrapping paper,found on this blog post.
  2. When I saw this music video,or to specify,the shorts worn by the girl in the clip,a DIY idea popped up in my head!
  3. My home still needs more green and this plant box inspired me on new ways,how to arrange them.
citing Pablo Neruda

What made me smile this week:
  1. Smiley Lemonade,makes me happy,only looking at it!
  2. This funny Tumblr photo.
  3. Best pick up line ever,ha ha! :)
Blogger outfits I loved the most this week:
  1. This cute outfit from Fashion Monger is just so adorable!I totally love it,especially the edgy look the sneakers give the outfit.
  2. I love the sophisticated and,at the same time.totally stylish look from Adora Mehitabel.This outfit is just perfect with a touch of preppy!Amazing! 
  3. Wow,this outfit from Highland Fling is breathtaking!
What I newly discovered this week:
  1. I read about the 52 list project on this blog and I definitely want to start taking these lists!
  2. This cute and lovely blog,thanks to design is mine.
  3. Masa & John Etsy shop.They have a bunch of nice vintage clothes!
That`s about it for this weeks Lovely Sunday!
I wish you all good start into the new week and remember,if you do have thoughts,ideas or inspirations on your own,feel free to write about them by leaving a comment.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Me + Zena: Jewelry for your Soul

newly discovered brand Me + Zara
1.Jesus Loves You Cross Ring, 2.Save Me Nautical Necklace, 3.Leopard Necklace, 4.Dream Wheelz Bike Necklace, 5.I See You Ring

Hey there!It`s been a while since I published my last post.I hope you are OK and not too bored with me for not blogging that much lately!

Today I want to share some adorable jewelry from Me + Zena,a brand I discovered recently and instantly fell in love with.By the way another proof that online shopping is one of the best treasure hunts!

beautiful and unique pieces
6.Mighty Robot Locket Necklace, 7.Snowed In House Ring, 8.Dream Phone Telephone Ring, 9.Take Me Down Anchor Necklace, 10.Rollergirl Necklace

Their accessories aren`t just beautiful,but also pretty much unique in their style and look!And one thing for sure,they are an eye catcher everywhere!
I love all the pieces shown here,but there`s a special one,the Lil`Bill French Bulldog Ring.I couldn`t resist and had to get it!

the first piece of jewelry I got from me + zena

Wish you all a good night sleep and please tell me which piece of jewelry you like the most!
I would also like to know more about your favourite accessories?Tell me by leaving a comment or writing me an email.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

My February Reading List

presentation of Christina Jones book

It`s about time to present you the next book,that I`m reading for my one book a month challenge.I got this one as a Christmas present for one of my best friends.After she finished it,she lend it to me,so I could read it too!Yey!

The English book title is "The Way to a Woman`s Heart" and it`s written by Christina Jones.
Woman literature would be the genre to describe this book in two words.Although to me there is a slight difference in lectures of this category.
On one hand,there are those cheesy,soaked with romance books,like those from Nora Roberts or Stephenie Meyer.And then there are those ones,which also have a lot of romanticism in them,but come spiced up with even more humor,funny characters and odd situations.
"The Way to a Woman`s Heart" falls into the second category,which I obviously prefer.Don`t get me wrong,I do appreciate a good romantic novel,but sometimes you just need a book that makes you laugh all the time!

funny woman literature that you should read

"The Way to a Woman`s Heart" is about Ella Maloney,a young woman,taking a time out from London and her boyfriend Mark,by moving to the country for one summer.Due to a newspaper readout,she found a job as nanny at the Hideaway Farm.The reader accompanies Ella exploring the Country life with all it`s weird residents and characters.Magic is in the air and maybe also love!
Oh,and her visit at the Hideaway Farm turns out to become quiet different as expected!

I hope my short presentation,has encouraged you to read it too!And stay tuned for the review on this lecture at the beginning of March,as I still haven`t finished it!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Banana Almond Cereals

recipe for a delicious cereal treat

Yummm!Sounds delicious right?
I had already talked about this treat here...And as it is better than it looks,I wanted to share this recipe with you.
Believe me after you have tried it,you`re gonna love it!
Little sidepoint: It`s also really easy and quick to make!Only takes you 10 minutes,I promise!

What you need:
  • 1-2 bananas
  •  2 tablespoons almonds
  •  crunchy cereals,enough to fill at least one bowl
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 4 tablespoons applesauce
You already see,this one doesn`t need a lot of ingredients.Other plus point too.

a recipe considering the 5 portions green a day rule

Chop the almonds and cut the bananas into rings in the size you want.Now put the first three ingredients in a bowl,mix them well together and add the last two,which are still missing.

Ta daaaa,enjoy!

So you have to admit this is pretty easy going!
And before I send you dearly readers off,to hopefully try my banana almond cereals,I just wanted to mention,that eating this,you provide your body with at least 3 of the 5 needed green portions.
To some of you this may sound like I`m talking all Greek,but this is about my resolution to eat 5 portions of fruits or vegetables a day.I wrote about it here.

Wish you a wonderful banana almond day and tell me about your favorite 10 minute recipe!



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Exhausting Week in Pictures

what happened or better said didn`t happend this week

The title says it all!
I spent the whole week working,arriving at home tired and drained in the evening.So pretty much anything that I wanted to do,was take a shower,eat something and throw myself onto the couch to watch some episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

That`s why sadly I don`t have that much to share with you,besides my this weeks nail color!

sharing my favorite nail polish brand

I fell in love with this color like two years ago and still adore it.The one I use is Ultimate Nail Lacquer from Catrice.It is color number 11 called Miss Piggy`s BF.
You should definitely try this one or just any one you like,because this brand is great!

Well as my week was quiet boring,I hope you can tell me some exciting things about your week!
Oh!And please tell me about your favorite nail color!


Book Review on "The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own"

mi opinion on this lectureOne of my new years resolutions is to read a book every month.I already introduced you to my January reading list in this post.And I`m happy to announce,that I accomplished my goal for the first month.

How many clothes does a woman actually need?
You may have asked yourself this question after buying like the tenth pair of jeans?!Or after searching hours for a specific dress in your bursting closet?!
To sum up,a lot of women and probably even more desperate boyfriends,asked themselves this question.

I for my part think, a girl never can have enough clothes.But there`s the catch!
What do you actually do with a closet full of unique and special pieces,if you don`t have anything to combine with?

And here`s where this book results to be a great help.It narrows it down to the most important basics a woman should own.Whilst reading the book,I simultaneously made a list of the pieces,that I considered useful.
What I most liked about practically all the 100 items the author choose: they are timeless!
None of them will be a mispurchase,as women all over the world have been wearing them for years.

loved Ruben Toledos drawings

The book per se is written in a funny and kind of easy way to read.The individual entries about the different pieces are kept short and alphabetically sorted.This makes it pretty simple to find the things you`re looking for.
The author Nina Garcia,who was a fashion director at Elle,not only talks about the most important pieces,she also shares her favorite brands,explains how to wear different pieces,reveals the best materials,etc.,etc.

Besides of that,the book is filled with a lot of cute and stylish illustrations,made by Ruben Toledo,which I really liked.The book wouldn`t be the same without them!

There is just one thing,that wasn`t quiet mine!A lot of brands and products,that are mentioned,are high price or even luxury.The book kind of deals in another money sphere than I do.

Overall it`s a good reading choice and it helped me to get clear about,what my wardrobe really needs!
I definitely recommend this book to every fashionista!It`s also a good diversion on a flight or bus journey,as you can finish it within a few hours!

Have a nice reading time and I`ll be back soon with my February reading list!




Thursday, February 7, 2013

If You Think It`s Gingerbread Latte....

my attempt on Gingerbread Latte

Yes,I know,I already told you this was my favourite beverage last month.Just a little reminder :)!
Of course I still drink and love it,but as I am a person,who always likes to try new Latte tastes,I never stay along with the same flavour for a long time.

Whilst looking for a new favourite flavour,I wanted to share this recipe with you.I found it online,when I was searching for a Starbucks taste-a-like Gingerbread Latte and I just had to try it.

My Gingerbread Latte replacement

I first made it for the Christmas feast at my home,which I wrote about here.
To be honest with you right away,it didn`t taste like the real Gingerbread Latte at all,but it was pretty good anyway.

You definitely should try this one,especially if you like your coffee sweetened up!
By doubling up the amount,l got rewarded with yummy coffee for like one week.If you`re also planning to store it,like me,then remember to put it in the fridge!

Lovely coffee smelling 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lovely Sunday

What made me happy

Can lovely Sunday posts be done on a Monday?Yes,I think so!
At least this one time,as I totally ran out on spare time to blog yesterday.
Anyway I wanted to show you this weeks - better said last weeks - inspirations.
Better late than never,right?!

What made me laugh this week:
  1. Blake & Blythe`s artwork on Etsy.
  2. This funny video my Dad sent me.
  3.  Hello Kitty with mustache 
What made me happy this week:
  1. Getting up in the morning and there is already light.I got proof,just look at the above photo.This means days are getting longer again!Yey!
  2. This cute picture
  3. The song We are young from Fun.
  4. This cute pastel dress.Made me wishing for summer even more!
What inspired me this week:
  1. Emma`s post about Living an inspired life.This really helped me a lot through this week!
  2.  Gemma`s post about the Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush.Now I absolutely want one too!
  3. Kinsey`s blog.Just full of the most beautiful photos I`ve ever seen!She`s so inspiring!
  4. Instant Inspirations from Frock and Kohl.
What was helpful this week:
  1. This tutorial on the different parts of the eye.It really helped me a lot in understanding better make-up tutorials.
What I newly discovered this week:
  1. The TV series Pretty Little Liars!Had heard about it,as well as about the books,but didn`t watch it until this very week!
  2.  Turquoise for my home!Thanks Elsie,I`m already planning on how to implement this in my home.
  3. Depot an online shop with cute home decor things.Discovered it thanks to my best friend,who got me something from there.
  4. Podsnack,a site,where you can make playlists for your blog. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this Lovely Sunday post and sorry for the lack of pictures!Next week there will be more!
Oh and feel free to share your weekly inspirations here!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Last January Week in Pictures

All about my last week this January

This week wasn`t mine,I felt quiet uninspired and unmotivated.I felt like having no drive at all,you may be familiar with this sort of mood.It happens to me from time to time and I`m still learning to not get defeated by it.
That`s why I took myself a time out,spending this week with shopping,some old fashioned TV time,reading and a cozy fondue night with my besties.
The time out resulted in being a cleansing treat for my lack of motivation.Today I woke up full of incitement!

So overall this week was pretty much about pampering myself,which turned out to be quiet a neat thing! :)

Here are my shopping purchases:

What I bough myself this week
this weeks treat: Home decor shopping

I found some lovely decor objects for my home and also bought a few supplies for my next DIY projects. 
Who doesn`t agree with me,that shopping is one of the best ways to indulge yourself?!

Best soul food ever: Banana Almond Cereals

Here`s what food lightened up my mood this week

I spent the whole week eating this!It`s so delicious and aren`t sweets just the best treatment for your soul?!

But I didn`t only had to spoil myself alone.My mom got me this beautiful orchid,as she was kind of feeling bad for me.And my best friend got me two cute cupcake shaped wardrobe hooks.I forgot them at work,that`s why I can`t show them to you!

A present that my mom gave me

I thought it was quiet a funny coincidence,as I also bought tons of hooks this week.

I hope this wasn`t too boring!
What do you do when you feel uninspired or unmotivated?I would really love to know!



Cozy January

Taking a look back on this January

Unbelievable the first month of this new year already went by.Time is just running so fast,don`t you think?It really didn`t seem like a month to me.
That`s probably also due to the fact,that I was really busy!But besides that,January absolutely was filled with a lot of joyful moments with my family and friends and cozy staying at home evenings.

I would like to give you a little review on my January with all the stuff and moments that made it special to me.

My January beverage: Christmas flavoured Latte

what I drank a lot this winter

It`s so good and my personal favourite,since they don`t sell Gingerbread Latte anymore.Gonna share it with you in details soon,so stay tuned!

My January family moments:
This January we celebrated my dad`s birthday and I had my grandparents over for a Sunday coffee small ring.We had an awesome time on both days and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my beloved ones.

My January food: Pears,Bananas and Lavender

I never really was a friend of pears and bananas always bored me,as I had eaten a lot of them in the past.But this month,while trying to eat more fruits,I kind of started to like them again.They were present at my menu plan,practically every day this January.
As for Lavender,I never had tried it before as a food and Emma`s post about lavender ice cream inspired me to do some experimenting on my own.

My January shopping treasures:

What I found at local thrift stores this month

Thrift shopping is the best!I found these cute tweed jackets,this clutch and vase at a local thrift store and believe me they were a bargain!
I also purchased this two blouses from zalando.And I absolutely love to wear them.

Two lovely black blouses from zalando 
My January event:
This probably would be celebrating my best friend`s birthday,well it definitely was!We had so much fun all together.It was such a delightful evening!
But of course I also enjoyed all the other moments with my dearest friends!Best dinning nights ever!

My January DIY project:

Scapbook we made ourselfs for our best friend

You maybe want to guess this one,as I was talking about it on and on for the whole January!
Got it?Yes,it`s the scrapbook we made as a gift for our January Birthday Girl.

My January TV program:
I didn`t really had much time to watch TV in January.Besides of that,Lost got me a little bored and I needed a pause.Which I bridged over watching The Big Bang Theory,the best show ever!

My January playlist:

This is what I listened to this January.
That`s about it!Except maybe,that I am happy and still motivated to keep up with my resolutions for 2013.

How was your January?I hope as cozy and beautiful as mine!
Tell me all about it!