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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Lovely December

my best moments in december

I know,as usual,I am a little bit late.Most of you probably have done their review before the old year ended!Me,I first started planning 2013,before doing the look back.
Alright to be honest with you guys,it may also be a little tinny bit due to my unorganized personality!But I`m working on this issue,as I yet told you in my previous post.

As I just started my blog in November,there`s no way I could have done an epic 2012 review.But hey!Why not make every month special??
That`s why I thought of doing a monthly look back on my most wonderful moments,starting with December.

1.Giving my mom her advent calendar!It was the best moment ever seeing her happy face!Some of you maybe already know this,as they read my first advent calendar attempt.

my moms advent calendar

 2.The beautiful Winter Wonderland right at the beginning of December.
Snow in December

December starts with snow

3.Watching the last part of Twilight!My best friend and I were waiting a whole year for this movie to finally come out.If your probably wondering,yes I definitely know that I sound like a fanatical girl,but I don`t care!I love those movies and the books!

my twilight ticket

 4. An entire Sunday making Christmas cookies with my best friends.We made 12 different varieties and although most of them were bought doughs,we thought we did awesome!

christmas cookie sunday
 5. Christmas,Christmas,Christmas!!Love it,no matter what!

love christmas

Hope you all had a memorable December and a wonderful start in this new year!
Cheers to 2012 and that 2013 even will be better!


  1. as for Twilight, love what you love and don't let nobody tell you different ;) looks like you had a good December!

  2. That advent is so calendar is amazing, it's so cute that you did it for your mum! Thanks for all your comments, they always make me smile because it's obvious that you've taken the time to actually read my ramblings :)

  3. Great pictures :)



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