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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lovely Sunday all over again

Before I even start writing about my random things that made my week,I would like to know,what made you happy or laugh this week?And what inspired you?
Tell me by leaving a comment.

What most moved me this week:

This book,which talks about really special friendships in the animal world.I couldn`t walk by this one,when I spotted it at the local bookstore.I found some pictures from the book to give you an idea.

a couple that really moved me

dog,cat and birds being best buddies

What inspired me the most this week:

Zee`s cake idea brought Nutella back into my mind.I always wanted to make sweets with nutella and she just got me inspired enough to think about some creative recipes.

absolutely want to make a nutella dessert

What made me the most happy this week:

Listening to Zee Avi over and over again,as well as Birdy.


Wish you a nice end of the week and I`m already looking forward to the coming week and hopefully a lot of comments from you guys!


1 comment:

  1. I am addicted to Nutella. I made cupcakes with it for the last Nutella day but felt so guilty and like I was wasting it. I hope you find a good recipe though!

    Em x


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