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Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Wishlist

january wishlist
1.longtime dream: vintage fake fur leopard coat, 2.stylish ethno Kilim Boots, 3.adorable spring floral print dress, 4.fancy pink kitchen balance, 5.cozy and stylish sweater with crosses

January started almost two weeks ago and it`s time to show you my January wishlist,full with things that I would love to have.
Which actually doesn`t mean I can buy all this stuff,but hey!Dreaming is not forbidden right??

my january wishlist
6.romantic floral fabrics, 7.cute light yellow sailor skirt, 8.lovely pillows for my living room, 9.sweet woolen owl  brooch, 10. cozy oversize star sweater

What do you wish for this January?Or is there something you`re maybe dreaming about for a long time?
Well you know I`m curious,so please tell me about your at the moment or/and long time wishes!


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  1. I love that leopard coat! Xx


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