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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inspiring Sunday

It`s been quiet a while,since I made my last Lovely Sunday post.
Lovely Sunday posts are all about things I stumble upon online and that inspire me,make me happy or laugh.So mostly just random things that make my week!

1.Melissa inspired me with her Rookie Journal Inspiration.Both parts were lovely and inspired me so much,that I`m all in again to work on my art journal!If the day just had more hours to do everything! :)

2. Watching the Big Bang Theory!I think I haven`t laughed that much in a while,especially with Sheldon being such an adorable  nerd!Funniest show ever!
funniest show ever

3. Emma & Elsie inspired me for my this weeks menu plan!They reminded me about the possibility to add  seeds and nuts to my salads!And believe me this made my salad a tasty pleasure!

4.Again Melissa you did it!You didn`t only inspire me,you also made me laugh with this Tumblr photo that you posted!

this weeks funniest pic

5. What would life be without music!One special singer called Katie Melua really inspired me this week with her songs and her beautiful voice!
As soon as I find out,how to make a playlist,there`s gonna come one!

And what inspired you this week??Is there something that made you laugh?


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  1. Hi, nice idea for a post! I have just discovered Big Bang theory, where has it been all my life! Genuinely funny- good call! X


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