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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At My Home: Vintage Look meets Birds

Picture with selfmade bird cards

Do you recognize those bird pictures?Yes,exactly!Those are my selfmade cards I posted about yesterday!Mentioning this,thanks for all those lovely and sweet comments you guys left me!You made me really happy and I`m glad that all of you liked what I did!

Coming back to the main topic!A few months ago,I was lucky to find this cute,multicolored,vintage looking picture frame.Most awesome thing about it was,that it already came with two bird pictures.You know those samples they put into frames to make them look more attractive for buyers?My frame had those ones too and two of them were bird pictures!Lucky me!

How I used selfmade cards to customize a picture

First I hung it up exactly the way it arrived - well actually it was my dad,who hung it up - but there was just something missing.After a while it came to me,why not replace the other picture samples with bird cards?!

I just love how everything turned out.And although it`s mostly purchased and not homemade,it `s so me!I love birds!
Hopefully this little idea on how to use selfmade cards got you inspired.If you want to know more about how to make your own vintage looking cards,I wrote about it here.

A good idea how to use selfmade cards

Oh,I almost forgot!What would you think about me showing my apartment to you?
As I`m still far away from having everything the way I want it,I would show you my home step by step and probably also room by room.
What do you think?Would you like to see my home? 



  1. I love those frames!! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. it looks lovely! I'm so jealous of that frame!

  3. Id like to see your room hun! :-) Im just about to move house myself and as an avid interior enthusiast I am always looking for new ideas for inspiration.

  4. This is great! Thank you for the kind words on my blog!


  5. What a cute idea xx

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