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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

happy new year
Yeeeeyyyy!!I Wish you a Happy New Year,all the best and a lot of happy and memorable moments in 2013!
And yes I`m a little bit late with my felicitations,but better late than never,right?
I hope you spent a lovely evening yesterday and had a lot of fun with your friends,family or both of them!

As usual I started my new year talking to my boyfriend on the phone,as he sadly still isn`t here with me.But there`s no time for sadness,because for this year I came up with some resolutions.Normally I`m not such a big fan of those New Year`s resolution,as for the most part they don`t make it through the year.But hey!Why not give it a try and find out if it works for me!

Here are my 2013 resolutions:
  1. My 365 days project: I definitely want to improve my photography skills.That`s why I`m planning to make at least 10 photos every day!This is a big challenge and I`m curious to find out,if I`ll achieve it!
  2. "Rule Of 5": Fresh fruits and vegetables aren`t always that present on my table,so I`m planning to implement "The Rule Of 5" in my life.Which means 5 portions of fruits and/or vegetables every day.Phew!!Let`s see how I deal with that!
  3. One month,one book: Lately I didn`t spend that much time reading,although I love it.At the moment I really do miss it,that`s why I came up with this resolution.I need to plan a little extra time for reading and one book per month is doable.
  4. Moving on furnishing and decorating my house.I moved into my first apartment April 2012 and I`m still far away from having everything like I want it!
  5. Blog,blog,blog!Absolutely want to continue blogging and getting better at everything.Also planning on some improvements on my blog.
  6. Getting organized better,as I am a little bit of a chaotic person!
  7. DIY more!
There are a few more little resolutions,most of them not really mentionable.Except one of them,which I`m going to keep my little secret,until I managed to carry it out.
Of course I`m going to keep you up to date,about all my resolutions!

Wish you a nice New Year`s Day!
If you also made some resolutions,I would love you to tell me by writing a comment!



  1. These are great. Ten photos a day--that's awesome! One a day would be a challenge for me. Which book are you going to read first?

  2. Those are great resolutions! I've been planning on doing the photo a day too but I'm two days late! LOL

    Your new follower

  3. great resolutions! Wish you a happy new year :)

    xx from germany,Anira

  4. looks like some really challenging resolutions, but so worthwhile. good luck!


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