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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At My Home: Vintage Look meets Birds

Picture with selfmade bird cards

Do you recognize those bird pictures?Yes,exactly!Those are my selfmade cards I posted about yesterday!Mentioning this,thanks for all those lovely and sweet comments you guys left me!You made me really happy and I`m glad that all of you liked what I did!

Coming back to the main topic!A few months ago,I was lucky to find this cute,multicolored,vintage looking picture frame.Most awesome thing about it was,that it already came with two bird pictures.You know those samples they put into frames to make them look more attractive for buyers?My frame had those ones too and two of them were bird pictures!Lucky me!

How I used selfmade cards to customize a picture

First I hung it up exactly the way it arrived - well actually it was my dad,who hung it up - but there was just something missing.After a while it came to me,why not replace the other picture samples with bird cards?!

I just love how everything turned out.And although it`s mostly purchased and not homemade,it `s so me!I love birds!
Hopefully this little idea on how to use selfmade cards got you inspired.If you want to know more about how to make your own vintage looking cards,I wrote about it here.

A good idea how to use selfmade cards

Oh,I almost forgot!What would you think about me showing my apartment to you?
As I`m still far away from having everything the way I want it,I would show you my home step by step and probably also room by room.
What do you think?Would you like to see my home? 


Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Printed Cards

DIY cards with vintage photographs

Making your own cards is so much fun,you have to believe me!
A few months ago I was looking desperately for some vintage bird postcards,as well as old photographs of style icons from the past.As I couldn`t find anything suitable,I came up with making the cards by myself.

And since then,I did not only make my birdie and style icon cards,but also Christmas cards,Birthday cards and gift vouchers.
Self-made cards not only are more personal,but they also turned out to be much cheaper than those ones that you can buy in stores.Not that this would matter that much to me,but it is kind of a neat plus point.

How to make self printed cardsHave I mentioned that you only need two supplies!
Yes,great right?!

Supplies needed:
  • 4 x 6 inches paper cards (DIN A6 format)
  • printer
I highly recommend to buy cards,that are made out of a thicker paper,this will make the outcome look so much better.I got mine from a local craft store.
If you`re obsessed with all those vintage looking postcards,just as I am,you shouldn`t buy white paper.Buy paper cards in eggshell color instead,which makes them look older.

Christmas cards made by me

Look for photographs or pictures that you like and that fit for your card`s purpose.
For my cards I fell in love with those ones:

google picture search:  vintage bird cards
this book: Fashion Box
google picture search: winter vintage 

As soon as you have all the pictures on the computer,you are almost ready to print your cards.
Sometimes I like to edit my pictures,put some frames,text,filters,etc.
If you have a photo editing program,you can easily do this with a couple of clicks and npw would be the moment to do this.

ideas for self-made cards

Now check the settings of your printer and make sure you have chosen the right printing format.
I normally tend to open every single picture with Paint and check the printer view.There I change the settings of the picture to DIN A6.I`m not going into details here,as this will turn out to be very boring and nerdy,so if you need help with this,contact me and I will give you deeper information on that.

All the settings right??
Time to print!
Insert your paper cards into the paper drawer of your printer and hit the print button!

print your own vintage looking cards

Enjoy your card designing and printing time!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lovely Sunday all over again

Before I even start writing about my random things that made my week,I would like to know,what made you happy or laugh this week?And what inspired you?
Tell me by leaving a comment.

What most moved me this week:

This book,which talks about really special friendships in the animal world.I couldn`t walk by this one,when I spotted it at the local bookstore.I found some pictures from the book to give you an idea.

a couple that really moved me

dog,cat and birds being best buddies

What inspired me the most this week:

Zee`s cake idea brought Nutella back into my mind.I always wanted to make sweets with nutella and she just got me inspired enough to think about some creative recipes.

absolutely want to make a nutella dessert

What made me the most happy this week:

Listening to Zee Avi over and over again,as well as Birdy.


Wish you a nice end of the week and I`m already looking forward to the coming week and hopefully a lot of comments from you guys!


My Nostalgic Week in Pictures

feeling nostalgic about my hometown

Sharing a part of my cabinet

Some of you dearly readers will have noticed my absence this week.
I had so much stuff going on, that I arrived at home completely tired every evening. Don`t get me wrong, I`m not complaining. It was a wonderful and lovely week with lot of funny and joyful moments with the people I love.
Oh and the party yesterday was just the highlight of the week!The food was delicious and the Birthday girl really loved her gifts!

a sweet Birthday dessert idea

cute and romantic cupcakes for a Birthday party

And I`m happy everybody liked the cupcakes I made and that we made Birthday girl cry with the scrapbook we gave her!Good job guys!

my nostalgic city

Somewhere at the beginning of this week I got a little bit nostalgic.Walking home after an appointment,I strolled through my hometown and got struck by the beauty of this city once again. I really do love living here!And by the way I took the chance to take some pictures for you.

see the most beautfiful clock tower in Bern
I am in love with Bern

Another week almost is over and I`m off to do some free Sunday online shopping, or at least online window shopping.
If you would like to know more about how I made the cupcakes or about our secret scrapbooking gift,just tell me and I gladly share it with you!

wearing cozy clothes while going on a walk trough Bern

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mediterranean Party Snacks

recipe for mediterranean party snacks

Yey!I`m happy!
Weekend arrived and finally I have some time to blog,to put my feet up and relax!
And today we are going to celebrate my best friends birthday,well it`actually not until Monday,but partying will be today!
So,I`m pretty much walking around with a big smile!

As I am in total party mood,I thought of sharing a party snack recipe with you.
I called it Mediterranean Party Snacks!
It is an easy and quick to do snack for any party and it also suits for vegetarians!I served it as an entry on Christmas dinner at my home,but in fact I think they would also be perfect for a spring or summer party!

a vegetarian party snack idea

What you need :
  •  5 toast slices
  • 200g feta cheese
  • 8-10 mushrooms
  • 100g cream cheese, I used one with herbs and garlic
  • 3 tomatoes
  • olive oil, infused with lemon
  • black pepper
  • Fleur de Sel or Sea salt
  • rosemary
  • basil, I used grounded one,
Those amounts are for one single backing tray and result in 30 little snacks!

I recommend to first prepare all the ingredients.
For that,wash the mushrooms and the tomatoes,remove the mushroom stems,cut the feta cheese in little thin slices,chop the tomatoes and quarter the toast slices.
Well that`s pretty much all the work you have to do!

Now that all is ready,use backing parchment to lay out your griddle.
Fill the mushrooms with cream cheese and place them on the backing tray,as well,as the toast.Pour a few drops of olive oil on every piece of toast and decorate them with feta slices.Leave 10 toast pieces undecorated.
Heat your oven to 200° Celsius and put your snacks in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.

a little snack idea to serve as an entrance

After backing your snacks,put the chopped tomatoes on the not yet decorated toast pieces.
To give the snacks their final Mediterranean touch flavour them with black pepper,Fleur de Sel,rosemary (for the feta snacks) and basil (for the chopped tomatoes snack).

Ta-da!Serve them!
I hope you liked this party food idea!Although I`m not charged with the snacks today but with dessert,I`m still seeking for some good new snack ideas!
Saying this I meant,if you have a good party food or any other snack idea in store,I would love to know about!



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inspiring Sunday

It`s been quiet a while,since I made my last Lovely Sunday post.
Lovely Sunday posts are all about things I stumble upon online and that inspire me,make me happy or laugh.So mostly just random things that make my week!

1.Melissa inspired me with her Rookie Journal Inspiration.Both parts were lovely and inspired me so much,that I`m all in again to work on my art journal!If the day just had more hours to do everything! :)

2. Watching the Big Bang Theory!I think I haven`t laughed that much in a while,especially with Sheldon being such an adorable  nerd!Funniest show ever!
funniest show ever

3. Emma & Elsie inspired me for my this weeks menu plan!They reminded me about the possibility to add  seeds and nuts to my salads!And believe me this made my salad a tasty pleasure!

4.Again Melissa you did it!You didn`t only inspire me,you also made me laugh with this Tumblr photo that you posted!

this weeks funniest pic

5. What would life be without music!One special singer called Katie Melua really inspired me this week with her songs and her beautiful voice!
As soon as I find out,how to make a playlist,there`s gonna come one!

And what inspired you this week??Is there something that made you laugh?


This Week in Pictures

my little buddha

my living room after a crafting session

This week again was filled with a lot of work and crafting time.Still working on the secret crafting project! 

There were a lot of being at home hours this week,which I was totally OK with,as it was snowing and freezing outside anyway.I took the chance to make some home photos,which I`m gonna share with you in this post!

coffee afternoon

christmas decor at my entrance door

My week was very busy,but anyway chilly,as I spent almost every night at home.
And how was your week??


PS: And this is what you get,when you combine iPhone,flash and darkness!Ha ha ha,worst photo ever!

awful night shot

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My January Reading List

my january readinglist

Unbelievable this week is almost over again and I feel like time is running even faster in 2013.I didn`t even present you the books I`m reading for the a book a month challenge and January soon will be over.
So here`s a quick look at the books I chose to read this month.

first book from Nina Garcia

The first one is called "The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own" and was written by Nina Garcia.
You may already have noticed by seeing my photos,that I read the book in German.My native language is Swiss German and I got this book from our local library and most of their books are in German,so that`s why.
I really love browsing the library for interesting books and I always get this tingle in my stomach when I enter one and see all those racks filled with books.Do you know this feeling?
So,I`m pretty sure,I will be presenting more books,that I found at the library.

second book from Peggy Orenstein

Yes,I know my challenge is to read one book a month,but as I joined Harley & Jane`s book club,there is also a second book on my list,called "Cinderella Ate My Daughter" written by Peggy Orenstein,which I`m reading for this very book club.

I`m already looking forward to give you my review about those two books and I`m always open for book suggestions.So,if you have a good book,that you think I should read and that you really can recommend,I`ll be happy if you tell me about it.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tricolore Salad

salad with cucumber and peperoni

Today I have a delicious and easy salad recipe in store for you.

Some of you may already know.that I made the resolution to eat vegetables or fruits five times a day.I called it the Rules of 5!
Since then I`m obsessing about new recipes and ideas how to implement this change in my life.And I have to admit,this is a huge and difficult step for me,although I like fruits and veggies,they actually weren`t that present on my table.

The Tricolore Salad turned out to be a really good friend,supporting me with my resolution.I already made this salad three times and I still love it!
Oh and I made it on Christmas dinner with my friends!

tricolore salad

What you need (3-4 servings):
  • 1 yellow peperoni
  • 1 red peperoni
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 10 to 15 tablespoons lemon juice depending on how thick and sour you like the dressing
  • a lot of different spices and herbs,I used grounded garlic,grounded onions,chives,salad herbal mix,basil,Fleur de Sel,sea salt,pepper and lemon pepper.

Cut the pepperoni in stripes and the cucumber in rings.Then cut the peperoni stripes in even smaller pieces and halve the cucumber rings.
That`s about it for the salad,so you see it`s pretty much done quickly!

Here`s how I made the salad dressing for the Tricolore Salad,which is by the way called like that,because of it`s colours.And as you may know,it is very important to eat different colored food.
Add plain yogurt,lemon juice and all your spices and herbs in a little gravy boat.Mix well and then pour gently over your salad.
And done!

salad with yogurt dressing

I hope you can use this recipe and if you have some tips for implementing my Rule of 5 or other healthy recipes,feel free to comment and share!



Monday, January 14, 2013

This Week in Pictures

my white orchid

Well actually it`s last week in pictures,as today is Monday and a new week already has begun!Duh! 
But yesterday was a day filled with fun,crafting and being with my lovely friends.We were sitting over a secret craft project,which I can not talk about yet,but at least I got a sneak peek for you.

secret crafting projectknitting leggins with ethno print

We finished the evening with a big Thai/Chinese food feast and when I got home around midnight,I was too tired to even do anything.
So that`s my little story,why this post is late!

white orchid at my home

Coming back to the main topic: "this" week in pictures...
Last week I struggled for the first time with my 365 photos project,as I started working full time again!Yes!If you haven`t noticed yet holidays are over!
When I came out of work it was already dark and there was no light,except artificial light,to take photos.Those photos turned out to be very yellowish,due to my mat dim light I have at home.

floral curtain

Umbrella stand 

I`m happy anyway,because I continued with my resolution and mostly because I got some photos again this week.


winter shrub
little zoo

Oh and cheers to lunchtime!Without you,I wouldn`t have done it with this weeks photos!
 Wish you all a good start in the new week!


arriving at home

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Wishlist

january wishlist
1.longtime dream: vintage fake fur leopard coat, 2.stylish ethno Kilim Boots, 3.adorable spring floral print dress, 4.fancy pink kitchen balance, 5.cozy and stylish sweater with crosses

January started almost two weeks ago and it`s time to show you my January wishlist,full with things that I would love to have.
Which actually doesn`t mean I can buy all this stuff,but hey!Dreaming is not forbidden right??

my january wishlist
6.romantic floral fabrics, 7.cute light yellow sailor skirt, 8.lovely pillows for my living room, 9.sweet woolen owl  brooch, 10. cozy oversize star sweater

What do you wish for this January?Or is there something you`re maybe dreaming about for a long time?
Well you know I`m curious,so please tell me about your at the moment or/and long time wishes!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Make Your Own Customized Wooden Heart

customized wooden heart

I`m finally back with a new DIY project!
I made this one for my grandpa and gave it to him on Christmas!So if you also have a grandpa,who thinks gifts are a waste of money,this may be a perfect fit for you!
Of course you can also make this for any friend,family member or anybody you want to surprise with something special and personal!

For starters,I need to mention,that I consider myself an amateur in terms of crafting.
A while ago,I was looking for some new activity in compensation to my daily work,as I really missed creativity in my life.Besides blogging and cooking,crafting and doing little DIY projects became one of those things,that help me relax and regain power and spirit.
So please be kindhearted with me and my DIY projects as I`m not that good yet.
decorate your own wooden heart

supplies for own customized wooden heart

Supplies you need:
  • wooden heart, I used an already cut and sanded piece with two eyelets
  • acrylic paint in the colours you want,I used white,black and blue
  •  wood protection paint or lacquer
  •  topcoat paint
  • tape,or whatever decorations you like
  • textile ribbon 
  • different sized paintbrushes 
  • adhesive tape
I highly recommend to first cover the eyelets with adhesive tape,so they don`t get paint on them.I didn`t do this,because I had forgotten to buy the tape.Believe me you really should do this!
Now coat one side of the heart with wood protection and let dry for 24 hours.During this time you can add another layer if necessary.After 24 hours turn the heart and coat the other side.Again let dry for 24 hours!

lovely self decorated wooden heart

It`s time to give your heart some color!
Sure you can leave your heart natural as it is,but I preferred to paint it in white.I added 2 layers of white to get it covered good.Let the paint dry for a few a hours between the different layers.
When your first side is well dried,turn the heart on the other side and paint again,as many layer as needed.
selfmade gift for your grandpa

Finally you can add your text and ornaments!Feel free to do whatever goes through your mind!
My inspiration was this cute piece!
The text I came up with is referring to a previous Christmas gift,that I got my grandpa a few years ago,which exactly had this text on!
After writing the text with black acrylic paint,I decorated the edges with crafting tape.

DIY self painted wooden heart

DIY project painting wooden heart

Cover everything with topcoat paint.First one side and let dry for 24 hours,then the other side and let dry for 24 hours again.
Your heart is done,there`s only the ribbon missing!Pull it through both eyelets and make a loop.

self painted and decorated heart

As it turned out,this project isn`t that difficult as I thought!
Enjoy your crafting time!