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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Little Christmas Hangover

my friends christmas treeicicles

Wow,this week has been filled with a lot of gift wrapping and unwrapping,finishing handmade gifts,celebrating,getting together with family and friends and of course EATING!
Practically every night I fell in my bed totally tired and stuffed.

Monday there were those yummy salmon toasts and three bottle of Champagne at my parents home.
Tuesday came along with a lot of terrine,stew and ice cream at my grandparents home.

Continuing with Wednesday,when I had had three of my best friends coming over to my house.We started with white Cosmopolitans decorated with candy canes and some feta canapes,bruschetti and cream cheese mushrooms.Then moved forward to some mulled cider and a luscious meat pie.Finishing with some Christmas flavoured Latte and "Buchteln" an Austrian dessert.Overall,we spent like 5 hours eating.

christmas gifts under the tree

Yesterday my Christmas week ended with spending the night at my friends home.Again eating of course!For the starter they had prepared some fancy looking raspberry Daiquiris and cheese snacks.Yum!
Being followed of a delicious fondue chinoise and the best tiramisu of the world,which my best friend always makes,as we love it so much.

raspberry daiquiris

So this week was really wonderful and I loved spending all that quality time with my beloved ones,but you can maybe understand,that today after all that eating,I feel like lying in bed the whole day,still stuffed.

Well as much as I would love to stay in my bed,I have some laundry and dishes that are waiting for me!
I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and leave you with my this years favourite Christmas song:


PS: Do you like the cute Christmas tree my friends had this year???

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