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Friday, December 21, 2012

10 gift ideas for your sister

cute gift ideas for your sister
1.sweet cupcake can, 2. lovely bed sheets, 3. handmade doughnut soaps, 4.cute blouse, 5. Taylor Swift`s new album "Red"

Wow,my day went by so fast!!And yours??
But I`m happy that I still managed to finish the next sequel of my gift ideas.You may have noticed,that I`m going for a gift ideas countdown,as there are only 2 days left till Christmas Eve.

Do you have a sister??
Well,I don`t but anyway I had to do this post,because I would love to have one.We could share clothes and have a lot of fun together.Talking about gifts,I would buy her everything I would buy for myself,ha ha.

ten gift ideas for your sister
 6.bordeaux Polka Dot Dress, 7.lip balm for mermaids, 8.necklace with initial, 9.vintage Disney Collection book, 10. foxy shirt

Although I`m all new at sister related gifts,it was a lot of fun,writing this post.Hopefully you enjoyed and liked reading it.
 And if you have a sister,I would love to hear some funny stories.


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