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Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 gift ideas for your mom

gifts for your mom

1."Yoga Cats Calendar 2013",that`s the gift I got my mom,because she loves cats and yoga., 2.gloves for cold winter days, 3.exotic spice and herbal collection, 4.nurturing hand cream for gardeners, 5.cozy fake fur plaid
Today I decided it to devote some time to my mom,which I love endlessly,and of course all the other moms in the world,by posting some sweet gift ideas for them in this sequel.

I already have a gift for my mom,as you know already,but finding all those cute ideas on the Internet,I wish I hadn`t!
Well I at least hope,this post maybe helps you finding the perfect gift for your mom.

gift ideas for your mon
 6.cute peppermint teapot, 7.elegant,handmade emerald earrings, 8.relaxing Spa Box, 9.Desperate Housewives DVD Collection, 10.inspiring cupcake recipe book

Now tell me!What are you going to give your mom for Christmas???



  1. love it!!!

  2. that yoga cats book is hilarious!


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