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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Little Christmas Hangover

my friends christmas treeicicles

Wow,this week has been filled with a lot of gift wrapping and unwrapping,finishing handmade gifts,celebrating,getting together with family and friends and of course EATING!
Practically every night I fell in my bed totally tired and stuffed.

Monday there were those yummy salmon toasts and three bottle of Champagne at my parents home.
Tuesday came along with a lot of terrine,stew and ice cream at my grandparents home.

Continuing with Wednesday,when I had had three of my best friends coming over to my house.We started with white Cosmopolitans decorated with candy canes and some feta canapes,bruschetti and cream cheese mushrooms.Then moved forward to some mulled cider and a luscious meat pie.Finishing with some Christmas flavoured Latte and "Buchteln" an Austrian dessert.Overall,we spent like 5 hours eating.

christmas gifts under the tree

Yesterday my Christmas week ended with spending the night at my friends home.Again eating of course!For the starter they had prepared some fancy looking raspberry Daiquiris and cheese snacks.Yum!
Being followed of a delicious fondue chinoise and the best tiramisu of the world,which my best friend always makes,as we love it so much.

raspberry daiquiris

So this week was really wonderful and I loved spending all that quality time with my beloved ones,but you can maybe understand,that today after all that eating,I feel like lying in bed the whole day,still stuffed.

Well as much as I would love to stay in my bed,I have some laundry and dishes that are waiting for me!
I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and leave you with my this years favourite Christmas song:


PS: Do you like the cute Christmas tree my friends had this year???

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

merry christmas

wish you a merry christmas

I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you can enjoy this special time of the year with all your friends,family and beloved people!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Wishlist Part 2

Early this month I had posted the first part of my December wishlist and isn`t there a better moment to write my second part as right before the Christmas celebrations begin?
Tomorrow I still need to work for several hours,but in the evening it`s finally time to start
Christmas and I`m all in for a week full of quality time with my family and friends,delicious food,gifts and lot`s of fun and love!

However there are at least still 24 hours left!So I`m going to shorten the wait with this month wishlist past two.

6. Bird necklace

bird necklace

Recently I found this cute bird necklace on Etsy,thanks to one of my favourite blogs,which wrote about their jewelry. As I am all about birds everywhere,of course this necklace became my favourite,but they have other cute jewelry too.So you should really go an check it out.

7.  Unicorn Farts Lip Balm

unicorn fart lip balm

Ha ha ha,this one still makes me laugh!
I found this lip balm,with unicorn fart flavour,while I was browsing the Internet for gift ideas.It`s not something that I urgently need,but I just like the funny name and the idea.And you never want to miss on funny moments!

8. Coloured chalk for hair

hair chalk

coloured hair chalk

 I`m so obsessed with those coloured hair chalks,going back and forth if I should buy them or not.What do you think?Did anyone of you already try coloured hair chalks and did they work for you?
I think they would create some magical and wonderful pastel look,but my biggest fear is,that they rub off on clothes.

9.David`s Tea

davids tea

1.La la lemon, 2.Pumpkin Chai, 3.Paradise found, 4.Love tea #7, 5.Glitter & gold

Although I`m more of a coffee person,I do enjoy a good cup of tea,especially during the cold months of the year.Since I read about David`s tea on a beautiful mess,I really want to try this tea!
Here I just present you five flavours I definitely need to try and I`m sure there will be even more,as I haven`t seen them all yet.

10. mint-colored shorts

mint-colored shorts
Mint is one of my favourite colours at the moment and those shorts are too cute!I couldn't resist,when I saw them and had to buy them!
And now I`m eagerly waiting for them to arrive!

That`s about my would love to have things,but what do you wish for this December??
I would love to know!So tell me about it in a comment!
With this words,I wish you all a nice Sunday!


Friday, December 21, 2012

10 gift ideas for your sister

cute gift ideas for your sister
1.sweet cupcake can, 2. lovely bed sheets, 3. handmade doughnut soaps, 4.cute blouse, 5. Taylor Swift`s new album "Red"

Wow,my day went by so fast!!And yours??
But I`m happy that I still managed to finish the next sequel of my gift ideas.You may have noticed,that I`m going for a gift ideas countdown,as there are only 2 days left till Christmas Eve.

Do you have a sister??
Well,I don`t but anyway I had to do this post,because I would love to have one.We could share clothes and have a lot of fun together.Talking about gifts,I would buy her everything I would buy for myself,ha ha.

ten gift ideas for your sister
 6.bordeaux Polka Dot Dress, 7.lip balm for mermaids, 8.necklace with initial, 9.vintage Disney Collection book, 10. foxy shirt

Although I`m all new at sister related gifts,it was a lot of fun,writing this post.Hopefully you enjoyed and liked reading it.
 And if you have a sister,I would love to hear some funny stories.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

10 Gift Ideas for your Dad

ten gift ideas for your dad
1.elegant,golden Swatch, 2.stylish Vintage Globe, 3.handmade,rum-scented aftershave, 4. Woodstock DVD Collection, 5. iPad2

I know,I know Christmas is already knocking on our doors,but however I still have some gift ideas for those ones,who are doing some last minute gift shopping.And of course anybody who is looking for some ideas or inspirations.

Today`s ideas are all about gifts for your dads.I always find it so hard to get the perfect gift for my dad.Not only because it`s harder to find presents for men,but also because my dad has his own taste!So,it always takes me a lot of time to think about something useful to give him.Luckily,it was a little bit easier with this post,having all the dads in mind and not only mine!In fact mine wouldn`t like many of those ideas,but I hope yours will like them!

gifts for your dad
6.cozy cap and gloves,this exact gift I got my dad :) 7. yummy chocolate pralines,me for example,I`m gonna make my dad homemade pralines., 8.cutest Dad mug, leather wallet, 10.educational Atlas book.

Have fun with those ideas,get inspired,maybe leave some comment and stay tuned for the next gift ideas part,coming tomorrow!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Handmade Jam Jar Labels

self decorated jam jars

I posted about those winter inspired jams a few days ago and made the promise to show you how I did the customized labels and decoration on my jam jars.Well there it is!
I had lots of fun with this little DIY project,although I still need a lot of practice with the whole label formatting and decoration stuff.

Yes this is a warning!
There are going to be more attempts!But for now lets just stick with this project and look what supplies you need.
  • Jam jars...DUH :)
  • 1-2 printable label sheets
  • 1 white (or whatever colour you like) cardboard sheet
  • 1 silver-metallic felt pen
  • 1 gold-metallic felt pen
  • 1-2 winter patterned textile ribbon 
customized jar labels

1.Step: First you need to design your printable labels,which you`re gonna stick on your jars.I did my labels on the computer with a little help of a really cute online label designer,called Nordzucker.This design feature is totally free!Also it`s very easy to use,as you only need to put the length and wide of your labels.After that you can right away start designing your labels by drag and drop.Sadly the page is only available in German,or I just didn`t find the translate button yet.

You also can design your labels with other programs or even photoshop or paint and of course you always have the possibility to draw and write on your labels by hand.Just always make sure you carefully measured your printer labels,particularly if you used Nordzucker,because if your computer designed picture doesn`t fit exactly with the label,it won`t look that good.
This was the hardest part for me and I still need to practice it more,as my labels weren`t that perfect.

2.Step:Insert the printable label sheets in your printer and open your designed label.Now you should format your self designed label,if you haven`t done this yet.In the case you used Nordzucker you just need to open the PDF that you saved and push the print button.

That`s about it for the printed labels.Make as many as you need and stick them carefully on your jars.If they don`t stick enough,you can add glue.Don`t use liquid glue or the labels will crimp!

self designed printer labels 
3.Step: Cut out some rectangles from the cardboard sheet.You can choose whatever size you like.I just glued my printable labels on the cardboard sheet and cut out roundabout them.Like that both labels have the same size.

Now you can customize your cardboard labels as you like.I most liked the gold-silver version,as my jams were winter inspired and the lids of the jars are gold.So I wrote the name of my jams in gold and decorated the free space with silver snowflakes.And yes those ones I definitely need to practise more!

4.Step: Make a hole with a hole puncher on the left above side of the cardboard label.Now cut your textile ribbon into pieces long enough,so that they fit around the jar.Lay the textile ribbon around the jar and make a tight knot.Pull the textile ribbon trough the hole you made and slowly move the cardboard label where you want it to be.
It`s time for another knot,but this time,I advise you to not make a very tight one,otherwise the label won`t be in a nice position.If you like to,you can also make a cute loop,like I tried to.

handmade cardboard labels

This was my little excursion in label making,and I hope you enjoyed it!
If you have any suggestion or ideas on your own,I would love to hear them.And of course if you have questions concerning the label designer I used or any other things,feel free to ask!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 gift ideas for your mom

gifts for your mom

1."Yoga Cats Calendar 2013",that`s the gift I got my mom,because she loves cats and yoga., 2.gloves for cold winter days, 3.exotic spice and herbal collection, 4.nurturing hand cream for gardeners, 5.cozy fake fur plaid
Today I decided it to devote some time to my mom,which I love endlessly,and of course all the other moms in the world,by posting some sweet gift ideas for them in this sequel.

I already have a gift for my mom,as you know already,but finding all those cute ideas on the Internet,I wish I hadn`t!
Well I at least hope,this post maybe helps you finding the perfect gift for your mom.

gift ideas for your mon
 6.cute peppermint teapot, 7.elegant,handmade emerald earrings, 8.relaxing Spa Box, 9.Desperate Housewives DVD Collection, 10.inspiring cupcake recipe book

Now tell me!What are you going to give your mom for Christmas???


Winterly Inspired Jam

selfmade jams

Since one chilly dinner evening with two of my best friends a few months ago,I`m talking on and off about making my own jam.Right now,I`m still laughing about this memorable night,when we invented like 30 different jam flavours.I also remember Roman driving us nuts,because he wanted to add vanilla to every flavour we came up with.

Well,you see I have been wandering around with this idea in my mind for quiet a while.This month I finally made it happen and created two winter inspired jam varieties,which I called "Winter Dream" and "Winter Wonderland".Both of them are made with ingredients that symbolize winter for me.

At the beginning I was really nervous this wouldn`t turn out as I wanted it to.But after calling my grandma and getting the affirmation I had it all together properly,I came up with enough courage to start my first jam making project.
  What you need for "Winter Dream"
  •  1kg plums
  •  5 teaspoons grounded cinnamon
  •  500g = 2 1/4 cups gelling sugar
  • 4 jam jars with lids
  • 1 silver teaspoon
  • a bar mixer

apple and cinnamon jam

What you need for "Winter Wonderland"
  • 1kg apples
  • 5 teaspoons grounded cinnamon
  • 500g = 2 1/4 cups gelling sugar
  • 4 jam jars with lids
  • 1 silver teaspoon
  • a bar mixer
Whatever jam sort you wanna make,I recommend you to plan in two days to make it.The fruits need to steep in the gelling sugar for several hours or you won`t get the perfect consistency for your jam.I let the plums steep for 24 hours and the apples for 36 hours.

The first thing you need to do is washing your fruits and preparing them.I used frozen plums,which already came halved and without a core,and Pink Lady apples.Actually you can take whatever apple sort you like,but I recommend you to choose a sweet sort,rather than a sour one.Peel the apples,halve them and cut off the stem and the cores.Then you cut all your fruits into little pieces.Put the plum pieces in one big bowl and the apple pieces in another one.

Now it`s time to add my favourite winter spice,which is cinnamon.Add 5 teaspoons grounded cinnamon to each bowl.Of course you can add more or less cinnamon,depending how strong you want your flavour to be.For the moment you`re almost done,just add 2 1/4 cups of gelling sugar to each bowl and mix well,then put the bowls into your fridge.I prepared the fruits in the evening and let them steep over night,which I felt was the most easy way to do this.
winter jam recipe

After at least 12 hours you can pick up on your jam where you left.Put your jam jars in the oven and turn the heat up to 390°.Also fill a pan with water,put the jar lids in the water and heat it till the water boils.I highly recommend you to do this,as you want your jars to be sterilized.Mash your fruits with a bar mixer until they have the texture you like.Fill your mixture into a pan and heat.Stir from time to time so that nothing gets burned.But be careful,because as soon as your jam mixture gets hot it starts to squirt and those squirts really hurt!If you see foam appear on top of your jam mixture,take it off with a spoon.

As soon as your jam has the texture you want,take out the jam jars of the oven,put a silver teaspoon in the jar you`re going to fill and carefully fill in the hot jam.You should really use the silver teaspoon,so chances are smaller,that your jar will break during the filling process.Also you must fill the jars as long as the jam mixture is hot,close them immediately and turn them upside down.

winterly inspired jam When your jam and jars cooled off you can decorate them with cute,attached labels,a self designed etiquette,fabrics or any other things you like.I did some decorations on my own,which you can see soon here.

After finishing this project,I was really relieved,as it turned out not to be as hard as I thought.It`s really easy and you don`t have to do much.And it is a great gift too!So I`m pretty sure there are going to be more jam projects,as I am already thinking about new crazy jam sorts.
Does anyone have any good ideas or flavours???I would love you to tell me here on my blog!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting to know me

me,myself and I

Blogging is still very new to me and I suppose so am I to you.
That`s why I came up with a funny little something for you to get to know me better.
Feel free to ask me whatever question you like.I will answer all the questions I feel comfortable with.

If you have any question for me you can post it by writing a comment or sending me an email.
However as I still don`t know if you`re even interested in getting to know me better,I started a poll first.So please give your opinion by clicking yes or no!
Of course you can ask right away,whether the poll still is active or not! 


PS: Please understand,that I won`t answer things,that make me feel uncomfortable or are too personal for me.If I don`t answer your question immediately,it`s because I`m going to collect several question.  

10 gift ideas for your boyfriend

gift ideas for men Beer Brew Kit, 2.hip leather wallet with bicycle motive, smelling perfume like Cool Water Davidoff, 4. one of those trendy backpacks, 5. the new Green Day album
Last week I presented you some gift ideas for your best friend.Now it`s time for some gift inspirations suitable for the male world.Honestly spoken,it`s so much more difficult to find something for a man,than for a woman.Does this happen to you too?
Then this little post maybe will help you find the perfect gift for your dearest man or at least helps you getting some inspirations.
gift ideas for boyfriend

6.handmade Zombie bite soap, 7.cozy Norwegian sweater, 8.vintage shaving kit, 9.fleecy scarf and 10.matching winter cap
If you like to read more post similar to this one or if you have some gift ideas on your own,go ahead and comment!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

December wishlist Part 1


I`m thrilled by the winter wonderland outside!I felt so inspired by this,that I couldn`t resist to take some photos,while drinking my Sunday morning coffee.
Don`t worry,there will be coming more of those.....
The romantic winter atmosphere made me thinking of Christmas and all the nice things I`m fancied about.And if you didn`t noticed yet,I`m a shopaholic.So there`s always something I want to buy or dream of....Does the excuse I`m a woman count??
Well however....
Here`s my December wishlist:

 1. French Bulldog

French bulldog

french bully

 Actually this isn`t only a December wish,but rather a long time dream wish.Since I met a french bully for the first time,I`m all into them.They are so adorable,funny and cute.Now,that I moved out my parents home,it`s the first time ever I don`t have any pets around and I really,really badly miss it!
So I have been nurturing this wish for quiet a while and I think it will continue growing.Who knows maybe sometimes I adopt a little,cute frenchie.

2. pastel coloured wigs

powder pink wig

mint wig

Since a while,I`m really into hair in pastel colours.A few weeks ago I had to take out my powder pink extensions and as my hairdresser doesn`t want to dye my hair,I`m browsing for madly for wigs.Those two wigs in powder pink and mint so far are my favourite.But I also like this one,that one,this wig,and that one,and another one.
Yes,I`m a bit crazy and I love crazy hair colours!

3. caviar manicure set

caviar manicure

I already introduced you to this brand in the following post.This lovely nail style appeals to me and I totally need to get it!

4. owl make-up bag
make up bag

Owls are so cute!I`m totally infatuated with everything that has an owl motive,like this cute make-up bag.Kind of also is a cool DIY project....

5. branches for decoration

branches for decoration
As there won`t be any Christmas tree this year,I`m playing with the idea of buying branches,which ones I can drape with Christmas decoration.So far those cotton branches are my favourite ones.

As this wishlist is quite long already,I decided to split it in two parts.The second part will follow soon and I hope you will then visit again.
Wish you a nice Sunday and feel free to leave any comments!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Apple Chai Pie

Apple Chai Pie

Today I have a delicious holiday treat for you,which fits perfect in this time of the year.I`m honest with you,actually I had planned to make a simple apple cinnamon pie.While preparing it,I noticed that I ran out of grounded cinnamon.So I had to improvise and that`s what I came up with: an apple chai pie.

What you need:
  • 3 to max. 5 peeled apples,depending on the size of your baking tin.I used "Rubens apples",but you can use whatever sort you like,although I recommend to use slightly sweet apples rather than sour ones.
  •  500g = 16.90 oz. ready to use puff pastry,if you want to do it by yourself,you can find the recipe here.
  •  100g = 3.4 oz. grounded hazelnuts
  • 1 cup of single cream
  • 1/4 cup of already brewed chai tea (without milk or cream!),I used this Chai tea.
  • 1 egg
  • 80g = 2.7 oz. cane sugar,I almost always use cane sugar,because I think it tastes better than granulated white sugar.
First you roll out the dough with a rolling pin,until it has the thickness you like and the perfect size to fit in your baking tin.For this sort of dough it`s better to roll it out thin,so later you won`t have problems cutting it and it will be more crunchy.
Cover your baking tin with baking paper and then spread your dough.If it doesn`t fit perfectly you can cut off overlapping parts and put them somewhere,where you still need more dough.You can apply the cut off dough pieces by finger-tapping them on the already lay out dough.
No holes and everything fits perfectly?Take a fork and make some little fork prints on the dough.I don`t really know why you have to do that,but watching my mom when I was a kid,she always did that.And it seemed to work it`s magic,as her pies always were delicious.Well still are,but maybe it`s just her cooking.
winter apple pie

Next you cover the dough with a thin layer of grounded hazelnuts.
Peel your apples,cut the cores out,as well as the stem and cut them in little half rings.This is probably the most demanding part.
Ready to fill the baking tin?Then let`s go!
apple pie

You can arrange the apple half rings as you like,I prefer to form circles,which get smaller and smaller by reaching the middle of the baking tin.
Last you have to make the casting.Add single cream,chai tea,egg and sugar in a bowl and mix everything.Pour the casting over the pie.
Bake in the oven at 390° for at least 30 minutes and then enjoy this sweet treat.I highly recommend to eat it,when it`s still hot!Yummy!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

gift ideas for your best friend

gift ideas for your best friend
1.cute cupcake maker, 2.Tokyo Jane bracelet, 3.Passport cover with Paris motive, 4. chocolate fondue set, 5. mint & berry cardigan

It`s December and I love this time of the year.Outside the snow trickles and you get together with your friends and family to enjoy this holy time.Or you can spend your free days at home in bed with a cuddly blanket and don`t even feel bad about it,because it`s cold outside anyway.By the way this also counts as an excuse to stay at home and do nothing,without being called boring.
About this time of the year,I also really get addicted with cooking and baking,but there`s probably coming more to that in other post.Finally getting to the subject of this post,December time also is gift time.I love to give presents and make people happy with that,especially on Christmas.Therefore I thought of making a serial about gift ideas for all the special people in your life.
Today I have some ideas for your best friend.
gift ideas
6. vintage jewelry box, 7. handmade rose scent candle, 8. huge eye shadow palette, 9. own customized muesli, 10. Nail Polish Box 

Hope you enjoy reading it and maybe even like some of the stuff.
If you have some good gift ideas on your own,I would love to read about them.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

My first Advent Calendar attempt

Advent CalenderAdvent Calendar red
Since I can remember I got an advent calendar from my mom and granny and I loved it.
It`s so much fun if you can open a little gift every day.Often it made my day!
This year I decided to make my own little advent tradition,by making an advent calendar for my mom and one of my best friends.
Of course without them knowing!Where else would be the surprise if not??
advent calendar textile
 In the beginning I was going for something similar like this DIY advent calendar.
Well I failed miserably as the gifts I bought were to big for this idea.
Advent Calendar 2012

Advent Calendar gifts

Most of them are huge,as you can see.So much to my idea...
I then decided to keep it simple.

For my best friend`s advent calendar I used different patterned wrapping paper.I was lucky to get a little sample book with all sorts of wrapping paper.But you can work with any wrapping paper you like.Just visit your local stationary shop and you will surely find something cute.
Found your favourite wrapping papers?Cut them in different shaped pieces.Glue or tape some of your pieces together.
Now you have your own customized paper to wrap your gifts.

advent calendar customized paper

advent calendar handmade

I wanted my gifts to be numbered,since some of them were thought to be opened at the beginning of December.Gold and silver are so Christmas,therefore I used markers in those colours to write the numbers down (you find them in every stationary shop).
advent calendar silver

Finally I made several ornamentation with green,red,blue,gold and silver glitter glue.This glue isn`t thought to be used on paper.So if you decide to do this,you should work very carefully,as the glitter glue tends to blur easily.When finished,the glue must dry for at least a day.Put the gifts somewhere,where they can dry and keep attention they don`t come in contact with other stuff.You really don`t want the glue to blur.
advent calendar green

advent calendar DIY
 My mom`s advent calendar is done the same way,save that I used only one wrapping paper and additionally decorated the gifts with ribbons and stickers.
advent calendar and coffee
advent calendar stickers
You see this is pretty easy to do and you don!t need that much stuff.Well,beside the 24 gifts of course.You can find all the used material in your local stationary shop.
I hope I could inspire you a little bit and maybe give you an idea for next years advent.My mom,as well as my best friend,really were surprised and loved their calendars.It felt so nice to make someone happy.
I wish you all a nice Sunday and just wanted to let you know,that I`m still in love with the idea of a textile-felt advent calendar.Probably gonna do it next year.


PS: see the crazy looking nail varnish??I`m definitely going to wear this next Halloween!