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Monday, November 26, 2012

some random Inspirations

Hi there, a busy week almost ends and I have some stuff to share with you...

Gingerbread Latte

My new discovered, favourite Starbucks flavour: Gingerbread Latte...It`s soooo yummy,you should really try it!
And don`t you think the little birdie on this winter`s edition paper cups is the cutest ever been on a paper cup??Well I do!
still the best winter latte flavour ever

Need to try to make this by myself one of those days....

two awesome movies I`m looking forward to see them

 Yes, I admit it,I like Twilight,although I`m not a teenager anymore.I read all the books from Stephenie Meyer the films are based on and I loved them.Hopefully my best friend and I finally find some time to go see the last part Breaking Dawn 2.

the OZ

new oz movie
Yes,I know,it isn`t yet out,but since I found out about this movie,I really can`t wait to see it.Eager to find out more about it,I searched a bit and found those lovely movie posters.The same moment I was sure,that I would love OZ:The Great and Powerful...Need it to be March 8 really fast!!

It may also interest you,that I made friends with a new holiday,also called Thanksgiving,thanks to one of my favourite blogs!
Got some explaining to do,as you still don`t know me that well.Where I`m from we don`t celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving.Nevertheless I fell in love with Halloween,which is my favourite holiday besides Christmas.
Looking at Emma`s delicious Thanksgiving recipes,like the Caramel Apple Cheesecake or the Mascarpone Pumpkin Pie,I`m all in for it!So it looks like next year I`m not only gonna host my first Halloween Party but also my first Thanksgiving dinner at my new home.
And if you like Chai tea as much as I do,you must try this recipe.I`m already looking for all the spices to try it 
Getting tired of reading,then how about some nice little music??

like Prince Royce
Yes folks,it`s cheesy and it may not fit with my music taste,but I just adore him and his music,especially those two songs...maybe because they got some personal meaning to me...
So Royce if you stumble on my blog,I would love to have you performing at my wedding :)

She`s amazing and soooo cool,isn`t she??Fine Frenzy accompanied me through my study years and thanks for all the chilly moments your music gave me every morning on my way to university!You`re so inspiring!
On that,another one 
I`m coming to an end for today,or better this week.Just finishing with some cute things I spotted in the internet.

awesome gramophone
vintage made gramophone

polka dot water heater
water heater
and matching wall clock
Wall Clock
love,love,love those pieces from The Lovely Closet
retro dress
retro dress curry
retro dress black
ethno shirt

there are a lot more....the head behind the collections is this blogger duo.

Thus,I wish you a nice Sunday and read you soon

Nerd glasses
PS: rediscovered those glasses :D



  1. Those clothes are all gorgeous! The gingerbread latte sounds delightful, too.

    <3 Melissa

    1. Thanks Melissa,that`s so nice of you!
      And heyyyy you made my day with xour coment :)



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